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More Information and Less Paperwork

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Rexam South America invests in OpenText Enterprise Information Management solution for its Human Resources department to increase the speed of its process governance

We’re a packaging company and technology has to support our business, from product development to delivery. In addition, technological solutions have to help us reduce costs, acting as a process catalyst. This project really did fulfill these requirements.

André Caneca, IT Business Relationship Manager at Rexam South America


  • Automate HR processes with a document management solution
  • Have precise information, centralized on a single platform
  • Eliminate large amounts of paperwork



  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced risks
  • Information sharing and management, and security of the whole lifecycle of corporate information
  • Enforcing compliance and governance processes

About Rexam

Rexam is one of the main manufacturers of beverage cans worldwide and a leader in this segment in South America. For more information, visit: