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CARE Canada

CARE Canada Fights Poverty with Connected International Team

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CARE extends content management globally with reliable and secure storing, syncing and file sharing

Tempo Box is a game-changer for CARE. Now, we can provide content anywhere, anytime and on any device with or without access to the internet.

John Oram, Director, ICT & KM for CARE Canada


  • Lack of secure mobile access to content management system
  • Difficulty sharing up-to-date resources



  • Safe, convenient access to content, regardless of device
  • Global connection and collaborative solutions
  • Re-focused energy on serving beneficiaries

About CARE Canada

Founded in 1945, CARE Canada is a leading international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. CARE's story began more than 65 years ago, when it began its emergency relief work by delivering "CARE Packages" to the people of Europe following WWII. As of 2012, CARE has worked in over 80 countries, supporting over 900 poverty-fighting developoing and humanitarian aid projects that reach more than 83 million people. For more information, visit: