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Distell Streamlines Global Project Management with OpenText

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Project Management for OpenText Content Suite Platform results in better reporting, greater collaboration, and project consistency

Our Innovation team holds monthly technical and implementation meetings. These used to last three hours, but that’s been reduced to just one hour. With around 20 people attending each meeting, that saves 40 man hours every month within just one department.

Learn how Distell is using Project Management for OpenText Content Suite by OpenText Technology Partner KineMatik to extend the benefits of Content Suite with powerful project management tools.


  • Inefficient project management
  • Poor collaboration, leading to misalignment between project resources
  • Outdated project reports
  • No integration of project documentation, schedules, and reports



  • Saved time and reduced costs with greater project alignment with corporate goals
  • Better reporting leads to more efficient product release scheduling
  • Improved project execution with better project resource allocation, collaboration, efficient meetings, and real-time project dashboards

About Distell

Distell Group Limited is a leading international producer and marketer of spirits, fine wines, ciders, and ready-to-drinks. Headquartered in Stellenbosch, South Africa, with operations throughout Africa, Europe, and Asia, the company employs around 5,500 staff. Many of Distell’s brands are household names, including Amarula, Hunter’s, J.C. Le Roux, Klipdrift, Nederburg, Richelieu, Savanna, Viceroy, and Zonnebloem. Amarula is South Africa’s most widely distributed international alcoholic beverage brand and its wines are sold on every continent. The company created the cider category in South Africa and is the second largest producer of ciders worldwide.