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Department of Human Services

Department of Human Services breaks down information silos to improve quality of life for individuals and families

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DHS uses solutions from OpenText and Image Access Corp. to enhance care and support for state residents

The extremely easy to understand interface of ImageTrust allows users to capture all types of documents, process and manage all scanned documents with Captiva and Documentum xCP, and tightly integrates with all line-of-business systems, making ImageTrust and OpenText technologies the natural choices when selecting a capture and document processing solution that could be leveraged across all DHS programs.

IT Director, Department of Human Services


  • Capturing and managing documents challenging due to a myriad of capture and imaging systems across each county
  • Data silos caused inefficient information sharing and responsiveness to citizen needs
  • Supporting documentation not easily accessible when processing requests for services
  • Incorrect or incomplete information, caused delays



  • Capturing and deploying new capture jobs up to 50 percent faster
  • Reviewing and processing new applications and reqeusts for services much more efficient and less time consuming
  • DHS more operationally efficient, secure and cost effective

About Department of Human Services

A state's Department of Human Services' (DHS) mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals and families. The state agency promotes opportunities for independence through services and support, while demonstrating accountability for taxpayer resources.