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Enfuse 2019 Winner’s Circle

Enfuse 2019 Winners Circle

At this year’s Enfuse conference, OpenText awarded three customers with its OpenText Hero Award. The award recognizes customers which leverage OpenText technology to protect their customers, employees and organizations.

It is our honor to celebrate those who are using this technology to make a real difference in their organizations and the world.

This year’s winners are:


Pfizer Inc. is a leading Bio-Pharmaceutical company with operations across the globe. Pfizer uses OpenText EnCase products to forensically acquire, analyze, review and remediate data within its environment. OpenText helps Pfizer’s Global Information Security team fulfill their mission.

Frank Krahn

While serving as Director in the Office of Risk Management at the Mayo Clinic, Frank Krahn implemented unique uses for OpenText EnCase eDiscovery and EnCase Security. With OpenText technology, Mayo monitors medical systems of high-profile patients. When devices are accessed, OpenText solutions automatically scan devices to make sure no protected health information (PHI) was copied or taken from the medical systems. In the event an issue is detected, the team can react quickly to prevent a breach of sensitive information. Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO & CTO, presented the award to Frank Krahn, (Ret) Former Director in the Office of Risk Management at Mayo Clinic.

New South Wales Police Force

OpenText EnCase Security solutions are made stronger every year by our user community, offering customized extensions that automate common tasks. This year, OpenText recognized The New South Wales Police Force’s Brian Jones as the top EnScript submission from the developer community.

With more than 9,000 downloads, his submission, the SEEB USB–Mounted Devices Report, creates detailed reports on USB information found via EnCase Forensic. The script also parses new registry values found in Windows Vista, 7, and 8 and offers a ‘mapped devices’ report that collates all the important information about each USB device and in one report.