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Information Governance and the Energy Sector

Information powers your business. Take control of it with Information Governance.

Energy and resources companies operate in heavily regulated industries, where the license to operate, the viability of the company, and the reputations of stakeholders demand continuously safe, reliable, and responsible operations.

To stay competitive while ensuring compliance, leading organizations are looking to the rigor and discipline provided by Information Governance.

Information Governance goes beyond just corporate records. It is about effectively managing a myriad of information across the entire value chain to gain greater business insight and impact.

How Can Information Governance Help?

Information Governance helps Energy Sector organizations:

Ensure Compliance

Learn how to better control unstructured information and meet compliance requirements. Also download the NuStar Energy Customer Success Story to discover how NuStar Energy made vital information available in one central place, supporting collaboration and improving workflow efficiency without disrupting users daily activities

Visit Compliance in the Energy Industry to find out more

Improve Operational Excellence

Leading energy sector organizations are using Information Governance to make better business decisions and operate intelligently. Also download the whitepaper "leveraging the power of information in the Energy Industry"

Learn more at Operational Improvement in the Energy Sector

Achieve Operational Risk Management

Energy companies today handle an enormous amount of documentation to meet regulatory requirements and avoid penalties. Download the whitepaper "Reduce Risk and Manage Change Throughout the Contract Lifecycle" to see how organizations can reduce risk with information governance. Also grab the infographic: Informations Management Challenges in Capital Projects and Enterprise Asset Management

Discover more at Energy and Risk Management

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Build a Winning Operational Risk Management Strategy

Information management is evolving quickly—much like the challenges facing the energy industry. The sheer volume of information, as well as the increasing amount of documentation required by regulatory bodies, has resulted in an information management explosion.

For forward-thinking companies, the challenge is no longer just organizing information. It’s ensuring information is accessible in ways that make it easy to extract and leverage its business value.

Learn how Information Governance can help solve these challenges and more in the webinar on demand: Build a Winning Operational Risk Management Strategy with Information Governance.

Allen Hummel, senior technical analyst at Devon Energy Corporation, and Rob Gascho, industry strategist for the energy sector at OpenText, discuss how to bring control to the overwhelming amount of information that powers your organization.

"Build a Winning Operational Risk Management Strategy with Information Governance"

View our Webinar

You’ll also discover:

  • How easy access to up-to-date information helps your workforce perform with greater safety, consistency, and compliance
  • New ways to support in-process collaboration throughout the extended enterprise
  • How to eliminate siloes across departments, assets, and applications throughout the value chain

Achieving Operational Integrity through improved Asset Information Governance

Thought-leading companies in asset-intensive industries realize that accurate asset information is essential to effective operations.  In fact, inaccurate or incomplete asset master data or documentation can cause a broad range of problems including increased environmental, health and safety risks, regulatory violations, reduced facility uptime, and increased capital project costs.

OpenText and Utopia, discuss how they address the operational integrity challenge, with an asset information management framework to support the synchronized governance of both documents and data. 

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Improve the accuracy, quality and completeness of master data and documentation about your assets, materials and vendors;
  • Accelerate information handover on complex projects; and
  • Ensure auditable process for governing Management of Change (MoC)

"Achieving Operational Integrity through Improved Information Governance"

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Governing Documents in the Energy Sector

Information powers business—but only when it’s leveraged properly. With so much information saturating the energy sector today, organizations are looking to information governance strategies to help them manage risks, reduce costs, drive operational excellence, and provide strategic and decision-making value.

In a recent survey from OpenText and PennEnergy, 68% of respondents said they’ve already implemented or are planning to implement an on-premise Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to address information management issues. “[Information governance] isn’t a way to manage data, but a way to best access that data, and in the process better understand what’s needed for various challenges,” writes Hilton Price, PennEnergy Petroleum Content Editor, in a recent white paper.

Fill out the form to download How to Mitigate Risk and Ensure Compliance: Govern Your Documents Accordingly, the latest white paper from PennEnergy.

You’ll learn:

  • The key trends driving operational excellence, regulatory compliance, and risk management in the energy sector
  • How leading organizations have successfully implemented information governance
  • What to look for in an advanced information governance strategy

Enable secure collaboration and concurrent design revision control

Engineering document management presents unique and complex challenges. A solution based in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) can help business leaders meet requirements while improving productivity, increasing business insight, and ensuring compliance across the organization.

A recent study from PennEnergy found that 68 percent of respondents’ organizations were either evaluating or implementing an ECM-based solution to manage information for engineering, capital projects, and asset management.

Download the white paper, Reduce Engineering Project Complexity. You’ll learn more about the unique and complex challenges of engineering document management.

You’ll discover:

  • Why a broad-based but engineering-focused solution is necessary
  • The practical benefits of engineering document management
  • How two companies are utilizing an engineering document management solution

InfoGov Basics

Visit Information Governance Basics for useful information on how to implement your Information Governance strategy.

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