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Conflict Minerals

Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten and Gold, collectively known as the “3TG” minerals, are mined across the world; however, profits from the mining of these minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) are used to fund a variety of militia-related activities. By banning the use of conflict minerals sourced from the DRC, supply chains would become ‘conflict mineral free’ and remove funding to these groups.

Beginning in 2014, US headquartered companies reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission were required to prove that they were not using conflict minerals across their global supply chains. In May 2015, the European Parliament passed a law that will eventually require 800,000 European-based companies to prove they are not using conflict minerals across their supply chains.

 One of the challenges faced by companies trying to assess their supply chains for conflict minerals is ensuring that they have the correct contact details for each and every supplier, and then trying to assess each supplier in a timely and efficient manner.

 OpenText Active Community, a trading partner community management and collaboration platform, provides an effective way to assess a global supply chain. Active Community allows you to email a tailored conflict minerals survey form to a trading partner community and to track completed responses on an ongoing basis.

Learn More about OpenText Conflict Minerals Solutions

  Download the executive brief

  Watch a 25 minute on-demand webinar which reviews the new conflict minerals law and will:

  • Provide an overview of how the new law may impact your business
  • Review how different industries are preparing for the conflict minerals reporting process
  • Describe how to implement an assessment process to identify conflict minerals usage across a supply chain
  • How cloud based community management tools can help with the reporting process

  Watch a 20 minute on-demand tour of this solution which:

  • Introduces OpenText™ Active Community
  • Provides an overview of the Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI) reporting template
  • Discusses how to manage your supplier community for conflict minerals reporting