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Advanced recognition technologies

Transform paper and electronic images into business-ready documents and data

OpenText Capture Document Reader

Document analysis means classifying documents and extracting their user data. Automating this task increases the productivity of structured knowledge workers, while enhancing the transparency and reliability of business processes. OpenText™ Capture Document Reader is ideally suited for this task. Document Reader is designed to be integrated as a classification engine within business solutions.

OpenText Capture Full Page Reader

OpenText™ Capture Full Page Reader is an Optical Character Recognition/Intelligent Character Recognition (OCR/ICR) engine capable of scanning an entire document and converting the information to editable text (or a searchable PDF). Full Page Reader can be used as a standalone solution but is typically embedded within another system to provide OCR/ICR functionality. Full Page Reader was purpose built to handle the most complex capture use cases, providing optimal throughput in high-volume capture scenarios.

OpenText Capture Recognition Engine

OpenText™ Capture Recognition Engine provides industry-leading OCR data extraction. Recognition Engine is faster, more reliable and economical than manual data entry, providing significant advantages, especially when handling high volumes of documents. Recognition Engine analyzes and extracts characters from the images of scanned forms and documents, unlocking the content for automated processing.

Benefits include:

  • Industry leading classification: Cut costs by eliminating the need for sorting and separating documents.
  • Automate data extraction: Dramatically reduce manual data entry.
  • Improve data reliability: Automatically validate information against existing data sources.