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Distributed and Mobile Capture Toolkits

Simplify development and extend reach with mobile and distributed capture


OpenText Cloud Capture and Mobile Capture Toolkits enable developers to rapidly develop capture solutions or enhance existing applications with imaging capabilities—including zero foot-print scanning and web-based imaging functionality—that reliably communicate with hundreds of scanners, all leading mobile devices, supporting a full range of image processing capabilities. Web and mobile capture have become key components of any remote capture strategy and these toolkits allow developers to create solutions that interact with customers in real time, from anywhere.

Cloud Capture Toolkit

The Cloud Capture Toolkit supports web application developers in their goal to quickly add scanning and imaging functionality directly within web-based business applications. The Cloud Capture Toolkit is ideal for document capture vendors, commercial software developers, and enterprises that want capture enable web-based applications. Benefits include:

  • Simplified deployment as remote clients require no additional software
  • Automate the image processing and recognition of documents captured at remote locations
  • Ease of use as the toolkit makes scanning as easy as printing

Captiva Mobile Capture SDK

taking a picture on mobile

The Mobile Capture SDK provides on-device image capture and clean-up functionality for iOS, Android, Cordova and other mobile platforms. This provides developers with the ability to process images from all leading mobile devices. Accelerate business processes and eliminate the need for corrections by enhancing and optimizing images. Benefits include:

  • Improve recognition quality through on-device image enhancement
  • Intuitive user experience by providing developers access to all device features
  • Speed development time-to-market, improving application readiness