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Embedded Analytics

BI, Dashboarding and Reporting

OpenText™ Information Hub (iHub) is the BI, Dashboarding and Reporting component of OpenText Analytics Suite, providing a massively scalable, industrial strength deployment server for embedded analytics. It offers a visual query and design environment to create interactive data visualizations of any kind (dashboards, maps, exotic charts) against any data, and allows for easy embedding of those visualizations to any web or mobile app, through API’s constructed from the ground up using open standards.

iHub accesses, federates and summarizes big data from databases, IoT message brokers and applications. It then manages the data and user access for the purpose of creating and deploying reports, dashboards, maps and KPI’s to other Analytics Suite users.

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Data Discovery and Advanced Analytics

OpenText Big Data Analytics is the data discovery and advanced, predictive analytics component of Analytics Suite. It provides visual data exploration, mining and statistical analysis of big data for the business person and allows them to segment data on the fly, create profiles and make predictions of future performance or likely outcomes. Users can also upload their own data, model it, and gain insights by leveraging PRE-BUILT algorithms.

To meet even deeper analysis requirements, enterprise data can also be loaded via Big Data Analytics, the Data Discovery component of Analytics Suite. BDA enables business users (non-data scientists) to upload their own data, enrich and model it, run it through statistical algorithms, and add and combine other sources for more context and meaning. The business user can then distribute analytic results, reports and enriched data to other users though iHub.

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Analytics Designer

OpenText Analytics Designer is a commercial-grade companion design tool for iHub. Developers use the graphical, drag-and-drop design tool and IDE based on Eclipse™ to create interactive applications, dashboards, and actionable business reports.

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