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OEM Capture and Digitize Solutions

Eliminate manual data entry while transforming information from the physical world into the digital world

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What are capture and digitize solutions?

Capture and digitize solutions serve as the ingestion points for information as it enters a system. The solutions automate information extraction and transform information into a format for downstream systems, people and processes, leveraging OCR, ICR, validation and other catpure techniques.

Modern capture and digitize solutions support structured and unstructured data capture from content types, such as handwriting, image, audio, IoT sensor data and more, regardless of the source or channel.

Why capture and digitize solutions?

  • Accessibility of information

    Globally, organizations struggle to keep up with the large amount of data produced each day. With capture and digitize solutions organizations can digitize this information, transform it into machine readable formats, and extract its key value for use in systems and processes downstream.

  • Converting unstructured information

    Gathering and processing unstructured data is difficult for organizations. Nearly two thirds1 of companies face challenges converting this information into data that can be understood by machines, preventing insights into much of their data. Data capture solutions and, in particular, AI-augmented capture can resolve this issue.

  • Expensive manual data entry

    Manually processing content costs 63 cents per document2. Capture capabilities, such as AI-augmented capture, automate and standardize classification across applications for greater efficiency and reduced operational costs.

  • Capturing all content

    Nearly one third3 (31 percent) of organizations are only starting to explore advanced capture capabilities, such as multi-channel capture. In order to ingest all relevant content, organizations are turning to solution providers that can enable multi-channel capture strategies.

OEM Capture and Digitize Solutions

A set of modern solutions, OpenText's OEM Capture and Digitize Solutions provide data capture and digitize capabilities for technology deployed on-premises, in the cloud or as part of a hybrid environment. Scalable from the most specific use cases to the most complex of capture applications, OEM Capture and Digitize Solutions support omnichannel experiences, while leveraging AI for the most advanced capture automation available.

OEM Capture and Digitize Solutions are comprised of several products and technology components that can be customized, extended, embedded and white-labeled.

  • OpenText™ Intelligent Capture

    Leverage intelligent capture and AI-augmented capture technologies to automatically capture, classify, index and extract information from any content through any channel, including mobile, web, social and scanners.

  • OpenText™ Core Capture

    Easily ingest content from both paper and digital sources. Automatically classify documents, extract metadata with limited clicks using machine-learning-enhanced OCR and document templates that reflect existing processes.

  • OpenText™ PixTools solutions

    Add data capture and scanning capabilities to applications across web, mobile, .Net and MFPs, including ISIS and TWAIN standards.

  • Core Capture Services

    Leverage RESTful web service interfaces to add data and content capture capabilities to solutions in an easy to consume fashion.

  • Data Capture

    Ingest structured data right from the source into applications or solutions, including traditional and cloud-based fax and IoT sources.

  • Embedded Capture tools

    Add discrete capture capabilities that transform static images, forms and other content assets into machine-readable information for use by downstream processes and systems.

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