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OEM Integrate and Access Solutions

Enable your customers with seamless, reliable and fast remote access connectivity across systems, information and processes

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What are integrate and access solutions?

Integrate and access solutions provide connectivity across systems, information and processes, supporting remote access use cases and virtual desktop infrastructure. With integrate and access solutions, end-users can securely access their applications from anywhere in the world on any device, onsite or offsite.

Why integrate and access solutions?

  • Access information anywhere

    Remote workers in the US have increased more than 60 percent1 from 2000 to 2018, and is growing rapidly. In order to maintain seamless access to systems and information, organizations are turning to secure remote access applications.

  • ROI through Connectivity

    By 2025, fully-connected companies will realize 2x ROI2 through gains in revenue, customer retention, infrastructure longevity and process/cost efficiencies. Remote access systems connect users to the information, apps and services required regardless of their location or device to better support changing work requirements.

  • philips-healthcare

    The leading healthcare technology company transformed oncology treatment using OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX to connect therapy planning solutions. Philips is using the solution to provide remote access to its IntelliSpace Radiation Oncology platform, which offers a single integrated solution to enable doctors and clinicians to view, prescribe and plan treatments remotely over hospital networks, quickly and efficiently with increased diagnostic confidence.

    Simon Omer, Head of R&D, Philips Radiation Oncology, North America
    Simon Omer, Head of R&D, Philips Radiation Oncology, North America

OEM Integrate and Access solutions

OEM Integrate and Access solutions from OpenText™ empower product leaders to add remote and virtual access capabilities with virtual desktop infrastructure to products and services. Deployable within cloud, on-premises or hybrid solutions, OpenText connectivity software plays a critical role in enabling the modern workforce with access to mission critical information and systems.

OEM Integrate and Access solutions are comprised of several products that are ready to be customized, extended, embedded and white-labeled.

  • OpenText™ Exceed™

    High-performance X Windows Server that connects Windows desktops to high-end X Window applications running on UNIX and Linux servers.

  • OpenText™ Exceed™ TurboX

    High-performance and secure remote access software for graphically demanding Linux, UNIX and Windows applications.

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