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OEM Process and Automate Solutions

Enable your customers to structure, automate and digitize tasks, workflows and case work within a user-friendly interface

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What are process and automate solutions?

Process and automate solutions simplify workflow and decision-making through improved intelligence, management, automation and integration of process and information. The most advanced tools for process automation are modular, decentralized and designed for tech-savvy power-users and citizen developers to use in addition to IT departments.

Why process and automate solutions?

  • Citizen developers are on the rise

    Implementing technology used to be the sole domain of IT departments, but as many as 61 percent1 of organizations now have or plan to have active citizen development initiatives leveraging low-code/no-code tools. In fact, the number of tech savvy users capable of building and deploying solutions to their own departments and teams will outnumber IT developers four-to-one by 2023.

  • Improve ROI for processes

    As process automation solutions become easier to implement and more universally applicable, end-user organizations will use them to transform their operations driving new user experiences. By 2024, enterprises with intelligent and collaborative work environments will see 30 percent2 lower turnover, higher productivity, and higher revenue per employee than peers.

  • Enable digital transformation

    While most organizations agree that digitizing core organizational processes is most important to advancing digital transformation goals, 70 percent3 of organizations report that less than half of their processes are actually automated. Providing easy to use process automation capabilities is key to delivering on these goals.

  • philips-healthcare

    Having a strong integration of components, with the ability to interconnect them and analyze the data that’s been shared is really significant. With OpenText Exceed TurboX, we’re able to connect so many different components and make them available to our users, even if they all run on different operating systems.

    Simon Omer, Head of R&D, Philips Radiation Oncology, North America
    Simon Omer, Head of R&D, Philips Radiation Oncology, North America

OEM Process and Automate solutions

OEM Process and Automate solutions from OpenText™ offer forms automation, workflow processing and case management capabilities to products and services. Deployable within cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments, OpenText process automation software supports use cases ranging from routine task-based activities to complex case-based workflows, and everything in between. Solutions go beyond basic process modelling to include low-code/no-code application and workflow design and deployment.

OEM Process and Automate solutions are comprised of several products that are ready to be customized, extended, embedded and white-labeled.

  • OpenText™ AppWorks

    Low-code application development platform that enables users to analyze, map and automate processes.

  • OpenText™ LiquidOffice™

    Powerful intelligent forms automation tool that empowers users to capture and validate data using complex electronic forms.

  • OpenText™ TeleForm™

    Simple intelligent forms automation tool that provides powerful data capture and visualization leveraging OCR technology.

  • OpenText™ Documentum™ xCP

    Flexible development platform that leverages the advanced capabilities of OpenText™ Documentum™ to build case management solutions for complex, information-intensive processes.

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