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OEM Search and Discover Solutions

Enable your customers to identify, analyze and take action on non-compliant information to increase value and reduce risk

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What are search and discover solutions?

Search and discover solutions enable users to find and act on information across the enterprise. Powerful federated search tools return fast, reliable results across indices and repositories, while eDiscovery tools provide file level insights to appropriately catalog, analyze and act on non-compliant information.

Why search and discover solutions?

  • Disparate content management

    Knowledge workers spend 22 percent1 of their worktime searching for documents and data scattered across dozens of internal sources. As content services strategies and technologies proliferate in the organization, data sources and repositories will grow more disparate and the need for federated search across these distributed sources will only increase.

  • Automate information compliance

    While data protection and compliance automation is important to more than half2 of organizations, many key governance tasks, such as PII detection, appropriate use monitoring and retention and disposition, remain manual. Give your customers a competitive edge with automated detection and resolution of non-compliant information.

OEM Search and Discover solutions

OEM Search and Discover solutions from OpenText™ empower product leaders to add enterprise federated search, compliance automation software and eDiscovery capabilities to products and services. Deployable within cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments, OpenText software has the scale and integrations to accommodate all repositories in an enterprise. Powerful file intelligence tools enable users to catalog, analyze and act on non-compliant information of all varieties.

OEM Search and Discover solutions are comprised of several products that are ready to be customized, extended, embedded and white-labeled into solution offerings.

  • OpenText™ Axcelerate™

    Leverage award-winning analytics and continuous machine learning built right in to help legal teams identify the facts that matter for litigation, compliance and governance.

  • OpenText™ File Intelligence

    Empower customer organizations to catalog, analyze and act on information as part of their governance strategies with respect to information sensitivity, confidentiality and compliance.

  • OpenText™ Decisiv™

    Go beyond keywords to search multiple repositories at once to find key documents, view projects and identify internal subject-matter experts.

Bring information to any solution

Build, extend and customize applications with OpenText Developer Cloud. Get access to world-class cloud services, APIs and SDKs.

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