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OEM Store, Manage
and Migrate Solutions

Enable your products with content services and provide the means to manage the growing tide of information at every stage of its lifecycle

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What are store, manage and migrate solutions?

Store, manage and migrate solutions enable secure and robust content services capabilities for an application. While traditional content management technologies rely on monolithic and centralized systems, modern solutions take a modular, decentralized approach.

Why store, manage and migrate solutions?

  • Headless content services

    End-users need the right information at the right time in the right apps to succeed in the digital world. Embedding content services capabilities directly into applications and processes is critical but remains a persistent challenge for organizations to achieve themselves. Solutions offering these capabilities out-of-the-box are positioned to win.

  • Maintain information governance

    Automating information compliance and governance ranges from highly important to game-changing for most of your customers, yet less than 50 percent1 of key governance processes are automated. Organizations need solutions that can help provide secure content and records management as part of their information governance efforts.

  • Support information growth at scale

    Customer organizations estimate that the volume of information they manage will more than quadruple in the next two years2. As content management strategies shift towards decentralized, modular content management systems, users require scalable content services capabilities that will grow with them and work across all their applications.

  • Mine the value from legacy apps

    Among the most common problems for end-user organizations embarking on digital transformations is migrating content and data from legacy systems to more modern systems. Decommissioning applications and migrating or archiving the data in an intelligent way is an important step in this process and requires the right technology to achieve it.

OEM Store, Manage and Migrate solutions

OEM Store, Manage and Migrate solutions from OpenText™ add secure storage, library services and archiving capabilities to products and services. Deployable within cloud, on-premises or hybrid environments, OpenText content services software scales to address every need from back-end/headless content management to full-scale requirements. Powerful archiving technology supports data migration and application decommissioning strategies for end-user organizations.

OEM Store, Manage and Migrate solutions are comprised of several products that are ready to be customized, extended, embedded and white-labeled into your solution offerings.

  • OpenText™ Application Content Management

    Content Services application offering core enterprise content management capabilities for new applications or back-end content services solutions and capabilities for existing applications.

  • OpenText™ Documentum™

    Full-scale Content Services platform providing unparalleled control over information assets for a strong foundation and successful business transformation.

  • OpenText™ InfoArchive

    A modern archive solution and cloud-based service for compliant structured and unstructured information archiving that is highly-accessible, scalable and economical.

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