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OEM View, Transform and Communicate Solutions

Deliver customized and personalized communications through transformative content collaboration

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What are view, transform and communicate solutions?

View, transform and communicate solutions are a collection of tools that generate high-volume, compliant content and communication outputs. These solutions empower users to view and collaborate on content to ease approval cycles, generate accessible documents in any format and personalize customer communications management at scale.

Why view, transform and communicate solutions?

  • Modernize customer communications management

    Millennials represent more than half of today’s workforce today.1 As they move into more prominent buying positions, suppliers need solutions to adapt to meet their preferences and expectations, including seamless experiences across communication channels and messaging tailored to their unique needs.

  • Drive customer loyalty

    As many as 32 percent of consumers say they will walk away from a brand they love after just one bad experience.2 Customer communications management technology helps manage accessibility regulations, brand guidelines and other customer experience standards, at scale, to ensure increasingly complex compliance needs.

  • Simplify the complex

    Today's users access between 8 and 11 different systems as part of their day-to-day jobs.3 With PDFs, CAD drawings, legal files and more running on different systems, organizations risk disjointed user experiences and increases the risk of human error. OpenText solutions enables viewing and collaboration within a single interface.

  • Capitec logo

    South African bank works with an OpenText partner to transform its customer experience with OpenText technologies, including OpenText™ xPression™ for multi-channel document generation. With xPression, Capitec can replace multiple document generation systems to reduce costs, streamline document generation processes and improve the customer experience.

    Gerrard Lennox, Manager, Software Engineering, Capitec Bank
    Gerrard Lennox, Manager, Software Engineering, Capitec Bank

OEM View, Transform and Communicate solutions

Add creative controls over content and communication outputs to products and services. Deployed on-premises, in the cloud or as part of a hybrid environment, OpenText OEM View, Transform and Communicate solutions empower collaboration and output generation activity for even the most complex and high-volume use cases. Viewing and rendition tools transform content collaboration and creation activities while balancing flexibility and control. Output and communication tools deliver engaging content for end-users at scale while maintaining compliance.

OEM View, Transform and Communicate solutions comprise several products that are ready to be customized, extended, embedded and white-labeled.

  • OpenText Exstream™

    Customer Communication Management (CCM) system providing omni-channel communications capabilities which enable highly personalized communications and conversations with audiences in the channel they prefer.

  • OpenText™ Blazon™

    Rendition engine capable of transforming files from virtually any format into accurate PDF, TIFF or secure Content Sealer Format (CSF) renditions. Can also transform 3D models to STL, ISF or compressed 3DF formats.

  • OpenText™ Output Transformation

    Generate a variety of content outputs, including personalized and accessible communications, at high volumes for use cases, including billing print-streams, web and mobile messaging and more.

  • OpenText™ Brava!™

    Enable secure viewing and content collaboration on any file type without removing the content from the repository or impacting the original files.

  • OpenText™ xPression™

    Multi-Channel Customer Communications tool that provides highly customized and personalized communications.

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