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Scanner Drivers and Image Capture Tools

Reduce costs, simplify development and accelerate the creation of document capture applications

ISIS Scanner Drivers


ISIS scanner drivers allow developers complete control over the user experience, including features such as scan, display, file writing, and printing – just some of the many functions that differentiate and define the value of the ISIS standard. Key benefits include:

  • Full support for scanner features and drive scanners at rated speed
  • Enables custom applications to control scanner settings
  • Ease of integration with software applications

PixTools SDKs

OpenText provides OEM and BPO partners with industry-standard technologies, capture-enabling software applications. PixTools enables developers to reliably communicate with hundreds of scanners and integrate a full range of image processing capabilities.

PixTools includes core capture capabilities that reduce coding and QA efforts, driving cost savings. Developers can quickly implement the most important document scanning and imaging capabilities directly into business applications.

Benefits include:

  • Ensure compatibility: The industry-standard ISIS scanner drivers are available for hundreds of business scanners.
  • Maximize performance: Unlike other scanner drivers, ISIS drivers enable you to completely control all scanner settings, ensuring the best scanning speed and quality.
  • Improve quality and capture accuracy: Image processing tools enable you to clean up scanned images to ensure maximum readability and maximize accuracy for extracted information.