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Viewing and Collaboration

OpenText Brava!

Securely view, annotate, and redact virtually any type of file with OpenText Brava!

OpenText Brava! is a secure, browser-based, universal viewer that enables workers to view and collaborate on content. It is the perfect balance of accessibility and security, helping organizations operate efficiently while meeting compliance objectives. Key features include:

  • Accurately view and collaborate on practically any file—including Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, CAD drawings, and images—without needing the native application
  • Access content anywhere with any web browser, including on PCs, Macs, and mobile devices
  • Speed review and approval cycles
  • Remove sensitive information with easy-to-use redaction tools

Why Choose Brava! for Your Implementation?

  • Lower operating costs by improving efficiencies and streamlining processes
  • Save money by using a single application for viewing and collaborating on all documents
  • Protect sensitive information and meet data security requirements
  • Achieve compliance and document control requirements

Why Partner with OpenText?

OpenText EIM solutions help organizations adapt to a rapidly changing market and workplace and, more importantly, help them thrive in the Digital World.

As an OpenText OEM partner, you can embed reliable, proven OpenText technology in your products as a seamless part of the user experience. By embedding industry-leading, proven solutions like OpenText Brava!, you can increase the value of your offering without needing to become an expert on OpenText software.

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