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Partnering with OpenText

Why partner with OpenText

Partnering with OpenText means teaming up with the market leader in Information Management. OpenText works with its partners to implement and support new and evolving industry standards and cutting-edge technologies.

OpenText partners:

  • Take advantage of growth opportunities
  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Optimize performance via exclusive partner resources
  • Differentiate their brand

OpenText offers a range of partnership opportunities that align to how partners go to market and drive customer success. Programs include:

Reseller Program

Market and sell OpenText products and solutions

Partners are required to achieve annual program requirements contracted for license revenue, partner loyalty points and training targets to maintain tier status. Partners complete transactions by proactively developing pipeline through marketing efforts.

Solution Extension Program

Expand the reach of OpenText product offerings

Through the OpenText™ Solution Extension (SolEx) Program, partners create complementary technologies that extend the capabilities of OpenText products. The combined solutions are resold through OpenText to meet even the most demanding customer needs.

Referral Program

Earn finder’s fees for sourcing net new customer leads*

Registered and approved deals qualify for a 5% or 10% finder’s fee if closed within 12 months of registration.

*Applies to License, Subscription and Professional Services deals

Services Program

Implement and integrate OpenText solutions

Open to select regional system integrators and consulting firms who wish to implement OpenText solutions. The program requires members to be certified for the given suite focus in order to maintain status within the program. The Platinum Tier is reserved for Global System Integrators and is by invitation and approval only.

Technology Program

Complement the value of OpenText product offerings

The OpenText Technology Partner Program enables Partners to develop technology solutions that extend the existing functionality of OpenText products. Partners are given access to development material and other digital resources to support their efforts. They also have the opportunity to showcase their products in the OpenText Application Marketplace. Select Partners within the Technology Partner Program may qualify to apply for the OpenText Solution Extension Program.

Participation levels

Participation levels are dependent on the selected partner program.



Committed to OpenText products and invested in sales training and technical certifications, these partners typically participate within a specific geographic region or specialize in a particular industry. They receive direct access to the OpenText sales force and may leverage OpenText technical and marketing resources.



Ideal for partners who actively sell or co-sell their solutions with OpenText. These partners are typically larger firms with the ability to service clients on a national or global scale. Gold level participation offers enhanced support from OpenText in return for a strong commitment to working with the company in many areas.



Designed for partners who leverage their technology leadership, strong sales and marketing teams and go-to-market presence, these partners make significant commitments and investments in customer satisfaction, competency certifications and revenue growth. Platinum level partners collaborate with all operational groups within OpenText to develop, sell and service solutions based on the OpenText family of products, while receiving dedicated account management.

Partner Awards

2021 Global

  • Partner of the Year

    SAP logo
  • Global SI Partner of the Year

    Accenture logo
  • Reseller Partner of the Year

    Advantage Technologies logo
  • Solution Extension Partner of the Year

    AnswerModules logo
  • Rising Star Award

    ATOS logo
  • Implementation Partner of the Year

    Cadence Solutions logo

2020 Regional

  • Implementation Partner of the Year–Europe

    Vilt logo
  • Implementation Partner of the Year–Emerging Markets

    Faranani DocTec logo
  • Implementation Partner of the Year–Americas

    Alitek logo
  • Reseller Partner of the Year–Europe

    AEROW logo
  • Reseller Partner of the Year–Emerging Markets

    Datacentrix logo
  • Reseller Partner of the Year–Americas

    Advantage Technologies logo
  • Reseller Partner of the Year–APAC

    Hayes Information Systems logo