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AI-powered analytics for eCommerce and Retail

AI-powered analytics for eCommerce and Retail

Solutions for eCommerce and Retail

As retail and online marketplaces change radically, organizations need to deliver exceptional customer service, while improving productivity across the supply chain. Developing an in-depth understanding of shoppers’ needs is critical to offering the right product mix and delivering personalized recommendations to target and retain customers. At the same time, retailers must also manage supply chain, logistics and inventory complexities using cost-effective strategies. This becomes a unique challenge as consumers increasingly seek a unified shopping experience across physical stores, online and on mobile devices, calling for effective, up-to-the-moment inventory management.

To meet these demands, retailers need visibility into realtime data. And, while structured data from treasury, inventory, suppliers and other sources continue to be integral to strategizing, there is now also a wealth of unstructured data from consumers available. Integrating both structured and unstructured data to unlock relevant insights for timely and effective decision making can give retailers an advantage.

OpenText AI and Analytics

Leverage the power of AI and its ability to “learn” from past events to refine future prediction to improve customer satisfaction, while streamlining operations. The OpenText ™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI-enhanced analytics platform, derive value from previously untapped and unstructured sources of data, such as customer interactions, which are also blended with structured data to form intelligent analyses and recommendations. In addition to learning from consumer behavior, the system also facilitates a realtime exchange of accurate supply chain data and connectivity between various enterprise applications, including ERP, store inventory management and warehouse management. This offers realtime visibility across the entire operation and supports the customer demand for a seamless shopping experience, whether in store or online.  The Magellan Analytics Suite and Magellan allow organizations to:

  • Access and combine realtime data from multiple systems including inventory, marketing and merchandising for a 360-degree view of operations, including sales trends and profitability
  • Use machine learning to predict customer demand, optimize product mix and make better-targeted purchase recommendations
  • Segment and analyze customer behavior to detect potential churn and prevent loss
  • Use AI-enhanced content capture to derive business value from unstructured, textual data, such as customer support chats or social media postings
  • Arm in-store staff with relevant data to provide enriched, more personalized customer experiences
  • Gain more insight into team productivity, pipeline, inventory and sell rates via interactive dashboards
  • Access critical metrics from any device