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AI-powered Analytics for wealth management

The financial crisis of 2008-2009 brought tremendous change to the financial industry, with uncertainties and increased regulations forcing companies to become more adaptive than ever. The need to manage an ever-growing volume of information, while responding quickly to market shifts and regulatory requirements, presents challenges for wealth management firms, especially in the face of overhead cost pressures, declining IT budgets and customer demands for greater personalization.

Innovative solutions for wealth management

The OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI-infused analytics platform, offer an effective way to manage and derive value from big data, both structured and unstructured. They give wealth management professionals, regulators and customers access to helpful, engaging self-service reports, dashboards and analysis, all with minimal IT involvement. A wide range of APIs allows easy integration of disparate data sources, while the robust platform on which the OpenText analytics solutions are built supports millions of rows of data. The artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning built into Magellan help investment firms quickly and effectively spot patterns and find valuable nuggets of information in text, such as research notes, news stories, customer support chats and social media, and combine it with structured data for even richer reports and insights.

By delivering powerful, interactive wealth management applications using analytics and AI solutions from OpenText, organizations can reduce costs and improve client acquisition, boost customer loyalty and maintain a competitive advantage.

With the Magellan Analytics Suite and Magellan for wealth management, organizations can:

  • Derive insights from structured and unstructured data sources for an accurate “big picture” view of customer demands and financial trends
  • Use sophisticated predictive analytics to anticipate customer behavior and investment trends
  • Achieve clear visibility into operations
  • Reduce operational costs and streamline operations by making regulatory compliance more efficient
  • Integrate data from any system and deliver realtime insights
  • Achieve better insights into customer preferences to make custom-tailored offers
  • Provide analysis tools and engaging reports, accessible through dynamic web and mobile portals
  • Empower customers with easy self-service access to their accounts, on any device

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