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AI-powered analytics for Public Sector

OpenText AI-powered analytics for Public Sector

Solutions for Public Sector

Adopting new technologies is one of the biggest challenges to modernizing public administration organizations, especially when it comes to harnessing their data to improve visibility and decision-making for employees and citizens alike. Because data is a strategic asset, public services need to process large and increasing data sets at high speeds to uncover trends and anomalies. When data is clearly presented, it can improve mission critical performance and outcomes. With calls for innovative change amidst shrinking budgets, government agencies must investigate new ways to reduce spending, decrease inefficiency and increase productivity.

OpenText AI and Analytics

OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, an AI-powered machine learning platform, help to improve decision-making by breaking down silos of data and offering realtime visibility across the organization’s entire operation. Federal, State and local organizations can easily leverage all their data to empower better, faster decision making. Powerful technology provides self-service analytics allowing employees and citizens to explore their data freely, while at the same time the environment is governed by IT to ensure a secure, scalable data access.

  • Avoid unexpected situations and reduce emergencies
  • Increase reaction time when emergencies occur
  • Understand why things happen sooner and forecast future trends
  • Bring a comprehensive view that speeds time-to-response on inquiries and emergencies from fast, seamless integration of large volumes of structured and unstructured data
  • Data visualization and self-service capabilities for both civil servant and citizen portals
  • Obtain maximum security for both users and data, including integrated LDAP, ACL for functions and data access, Data Protection Act, restricted access codes, expiration policy passwords and log access