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AI-powered analytics for Manufacturing

OpenText AI-powered analytics for Manufacturing

Solutions for Manufacturing

As global economic growth for manufacturing slows, companies must leverage their data to build for future success. Yet, while there is significant value in the data Manufacturing companies produce, both structured and unstructured, too little of it is being analyzed.

To turn this information into better, smarter, and faster decision making, manufacturers must be able to fully exploit the mountains of data they produce. Through AI and analytics, companies can increase operational productivity, gain a competitive advantage and develop new business opportunities.

OpenText AI and Analytics

Using OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI-powered machine learning platform, Manufacturing companies can apply predictive algorithms to big data from both internal and external sources to generate accurate predictions and make better decisions. With OpenText AI and Analytics, organizations can:

  • Gain control over the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data through text mining
  • Acquire, merge and analyze Big Data and Big Content across the organization
  • Break down data silos and analyze untapped sources of information
  • Automatically extract concepts and relationships and learn from data patterns to accelerate and improve decision making
  • Prevent breakdowns and incidents before they happen using insights form critical sensor data
  • Quickly identify problem areas in real time (instead of using root cause analysis)
  • Accurately track and analyze key performance indicators for production optimization
  • Boost production yield and throughput using machine-level analytics
  • Use predictive analytics to support demand forecasting and effectively identify emerging trends
  • Support mobile field and factory floor deployments on any device
  • Make data relevant and useful to business users through compelling visualizations
  • Create data-driven services packages and new products to generate new revenue streams
  • Streamline supply chains through usable insights from scorecards and other business metrics