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AI-powered analytics for Marketing Service Providers

OpenText AI-powered analytics for Marketing Service Providers

Solutions for Marketing Service Providers

The size and variety of data that marketing service providers (MSPs) work with is expanding daily and quickly becoming overwhelming. Moreover, unstructured data, including information from social media feeds, call centers and demographics, does not display its underlying patterns easily. To stay competitive and exploit new markets, MSPs must combine and analyze this data to make informed business decisions. They must also target new customers, enter new markets and tap new streams of revenue by implementing digital channels, including AI-powered analytics.

OpenText AI and Analytics

With the OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI-powered analytics platform, MSPs can overcome big data challenges and get the most value from their data, achieving a more holistic view of their customers to spur growth and loyalty. By harnessing AI and its ability to “learn” from campaign successes and failures, organizations can also spot trends, identify new opportunities and make data-driven decisions that support business growth. OpenText AI and Analytics allows Marketing Service Providers to:

  • Use text mining to unlock insights from unstructured data
  • Merge unstructured data with findings from regular, structured sources
  • Provide managed self-service data access to clients for improved collaborative decision-making and transparency
  • Quickly measure the effectiveness of campaigns for increasingly relevant up- and cross-selling offers
  • Maximize customer lifetime value by determining accurate recommendations for each client
  • Achieve visual data mining, predictive analytics, reporting and advanced segmentation in one streamlined system
  • Reduce operational costs by improving efficiency and optimizing resources
  • Uncover patterns and trends in data to improve decision-making
  • Load and analyze data much faster to boost productivity
  • Gain agility by reducing time-to-value with an all-in-one AI-powered analytics solution
  • Tap into predictive customer behaviors with machine learning
  • Spot and exploit new market opportunities
  • Improve engagement by integrating social media and sentiment analysis into marketing strategies