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AI-powered analytics for Publishing and Media

OpenText AI-powered analytics for Publishing and Media

Solutions for Publishing and Media

The world of Publishing is always changing, but it is no longer just the delivery model changing. Now, there are new technologies and an increased demand for accessibility across a variety of different media putting pressure on the Publishing and Media industries. Digital transformation is key to success, but beyond providing content in any format at any time, Publishing and Media outlets must also be able to immediately collect, analyze and interact with customer data.

OpenText AI and Analytics

OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI-powered machine learning platform, allows Publishing and Media outlets to thrive in an increasingly digital world. The solutions unlock powerful insights by processing and learning from structured and unstructured data, yielding targeted recommendations based on past successes and failures. Through trend analysis and predictive reporting, the solutions prompt actionable insights for improved agility and decision-making. With OpenText AI and Analytics, Publishing and Media outlets can:

  • Discover how consumers engage with content across all distribution channels
  • Easily and quickly integrate data from data sources, such as CRM
  • Analyze consumer data to develop an effective multi-channel strategy
  • Blend structured data with unstructured information from social media and other sources
  • Achieve a 360-degree view of consumer sentiment analysis
  • Personalize product offerings and content using insights gathered by machine learning
  • Leverage patterns in consumer behavior to refine their strategy
  • Access visually engaging dashboards for rapid and responsive decision-making
  • Stay ahead of Publishing and Media trends as AI “learns” from historical and realtime data
  • Derive business value from consumer communications with AI-enhanced smart content capture