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AI-powered analytics for Telecommunications

AI-powered analytics for Telecommunications

Solutions for Telecommunications

The world continues to become more connected, with as many as 50 billion devices estimated to be online by 2020.1 While the continually increasing demand should be a boon for the Telecommunications industry, it also increases subscribers’ demands for high-quality service.  To stay profitable, Telcos need to offer competitive features and devices, while keeping operating costs down and meeting complex regulatory requirements. That requires them to understand customer behavior and respond quickly to changing business conditions, in order to boost loyalty, reduce churn, improve operational efficiency and evolve new offerings.

In fact, the solutions to many of these problems lie hidden in the vast stores of data telecommunications companies accumulate, from billing histories and email-based sales campaigns to IoT sensor data on network health to customer service chat transcripts. The challenge for Telcos is how to efficiently uncover emerging patterns and trends in these disparate types of data, learning from past successes and failures in order to boost both profit margins and service quality.

OpenText AI and Analytics

OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, an AI-powered machine learning platform, help to improve decision-making by breaking down silos of data and offering realtime visibility across the organization’s entire operation. OpenText solutions help reduce downtime with predictive maintenance, identify and respond to risks of outages, uncover fraud, decrease customer churn, optimize store profitability and spot and exploit new opportunities and new markets by unlocking valuable insights in data. Use AI learnings to turn pieces of data into intelligence to refine predictions, improve service quality and better align with customer interests and demands. With OpenText AI and Analytics for Telecommunications, organizations can:

  • Get a 360-degree view of all operations by processing both structured and unstructured data
  • Reduce expenses and simplify business operations by digitizing paper-based processes
  • Use predictive maintenance insights to keep repeater towers, satellites and vehicles functioning optimally to reduce downtime
  • Improve customer satisfaction and retention through personalized usage reports viewable on any device
  • Tap into customer trends with AI-enhanced product recommendations, analytics and text mining
  • Uncover anomalies across operations, including disruptions in service or employee timesheet irregularities
  • Accurately identify and profile market segments
  • Provision networks accordingly based on phone/network service forecast demands