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OpenText Magellan Content Analytics Suite

Leverage integrated text mining, natural language processing and business intelligence capabilities to transform content into business insight visualizations with AI-driven content analytics

Improve decision making with Magellan Content Analytics Suite

What is Content Analytics?

Content, in the form of text, contains value that can only be realized if it can be found. Content analytics unlocks business value from unstructured textual data via semantic technologies, such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to answer important questions. It creates rich metadata by linguistically parsing every sentence within vast amounts of unstructured content and annotating data to make it vastly more findable. Yet, the best content analytics tools go beyond simply "tagging" content to carefully identify key concepts, context, meaning and entities and automatically categorize these according to taxonomy. Using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), content AI analytics takes business intelligence software tools to the next level with rapid and accurate sentiment analysis, classification, social listening, PII detection and more for tangible and complete business outcomes.

OpenText Magellan Content Analytics Suite overview

Today’s organizations need to extract meaning, nuance and context from vast amounts of unstructured content to harness its true business potential.

OpenText Magellan Content Analytics Suite combines the power of AI-driven text mining and NLP with business intelligence tools and reporting to unlock the value of content and help deliver smarter solutions. Magellan Content Analytics Suite supports any business domain and transforms content into valuable business insight, from customer experience improvement to brand and reputation monitoring, competitive and market intelligence, PII detection and more.

OpenText Magellan Content Analytics Suite features

  • Automated content categorization, summarization and similarity services

    Gain complete control over enterprise content with powerful, AI-driven capabilities, featuring automated indexing, sorting, organization, summarization and asset similarity detection according to a knowledge structure.

  • Sentiment analysis and social listening

    Leverage advanced content analytics to understand the subjective nature of content and the entities contained within it, including tonality and emotion, to support AI-powered customer experience improvements through social listening, brand awareness and relevance monitoring.

  • Multilingual concept and entity extraction

    Use text analytics and NLP to quickly identify central concepts, people, places, organizations and industry-specific terminology from any digital asset.

  • Visually appealing dashboards based on business needs

    Use scheduled content generation to trigger reports and sleek business intelligence (BI) dashboards optimized for every user, from casual to sophisticated, with no programming expertise required.

OpenText Magellan Content Analytics Suite benefits

  • Create machine-readable content and analytics from unstructured data

    Transform messy, unstructured content into highly structured, compliant formats that can be easily understood by other computers, linked to other valuable data and delivered through any channel.

  • Connect people with relevant content

    Help users discover content they didn’t know they had by leveraging content analysis and semantically annotating unstructured data, making it findable and easy to navigate and analyze. Allow content to find the people that need it, rather than the other way around.

  • Offer better customer support and improve experience

    Use meaningful content analytics insights and tone detection gathered through textual sentiment analysis and social listening to discover what customers need most. Tailor customer experience initiatives and offers accordingly and connect customers with the right products and services when they need it.

  • Support better decisions with valuable information and AI driven business intelligence

    Facilitate the identification of facts, trends, events and other relationships in large document collections to identify business issues and understandings of root causes in near realtime.

  • Boost productivity, save costs and reduce business risk

    Massively reduce the time and costs needed to determine what content to keep or throw away. Repurpose unstructured information and reduce exposure to legal risk through automated content classification.

  • Achieve secure access and sharing of enterprise content

    Safely deploy and distribute content with configurable security features. Secure enterprise content by controlling user access and safeguarding communications.

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