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AI-powered analytics for Energy and Utilities

AI-powered analytics for Energy and Utilities

Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Energy and utility companies face a unique set of challenges, from increasing global demand and market volatility to safety risks and unexpected shutdowns that slow production. As highly regulated industries, utilities and energy firms face a huge paperwork burden, including documents, PDFs and emails generated both internally and by safety or financial regulators. The ability to scan, search and process this information rapidly is key for streamlining processes, including maintenance, inventory and legal compliance. To support these demands, companies need data solutions that also achieve visibility into remote sites and facilities to collect information, such as tank levels and drilling data, while allowing them to accurately predict supply, control logistics and provide an optimal customer experience.

OpenText AI and Analytics

The OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite and OpenText™ Magellan™, the AI-powered analytics platform, provide a realtime view across all operations by breaking down silos of data and making relevant insights accessible at every level to support better decision-making.

The solutions provide self-service data preparation, exploration, advanced analytics, machine learning and visualizations that allow Energy and Utility providers to improve decisions about operations, suppliers, assets and risks that affect business performance. Text mining and smart content capture alleviate the paperwork burden of maintenance, regulatory compliance and insurance processing, while also supporting effective customer service by analyzing customer chats, emails and similar service requests. OpenText also allows ensures maximum security for users and data with restricted access codes, expiration policy passwords and log access.

The solutions empower organizations to make maximize production and improve uptime as well as identify new business opportunities. They also support self-service utility customer access to monitor personal data, such as usage statements and bills, any time via any device. With OpenText AI and Analytics for Energy and Utilities, organizations can:

  • Blend data from structured and unstructured sources for a “big picture” view of performance
  • Track metrics, such as risk assessment and management, energy production and reserve analysis
  • Achieve visibility into plants and assets across each stage of production
  • Quickly identify and shorten or prevent potential service disruptions or asset downtime with sensor data
  • Support self-service customer statement access on any device for improved convenience and satisfaction
  • Automate tasks, such as ordering parts
  • Streamline regulatory compliance with more efficient reporting
  • Offer maximum security to protect operations and customer privacy