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OEM Solutions for Technology Appliances

Even the best networking appliance isn’t much good if you don’t know what it’s doing. An intuitive, user-friendly reporting interface is key. It’s even more helpful when the appliance can track and analyze its own performance on a network and deliver data-driven insights. 

Give your appliance a smart interface based on business intelligence and reporting components from OpenText Analytics. Becoming an OEM partner lets you seamlessly embed our industry-leading analytic capabilities and content into your appliance or companion application, branded with your look and feel for a seamless white-label experience. 

Rather than sinking development resources into coding business intelligence and reporting modules and maintaining and upgrading them over time, focus on boosting your product’s unique capabilities with OpenText Analytics while speeding the time-to-market. 

Live, Interactive Reports and Dashboards Deliver Vital Updates

As modern appliances for storage, networks, security, hardware, and software become more complex, tightly networked, and data-driven, they have to offer more than just static, canned reports to meet customers’ needs and expectations.  Users want live, interactive reports and dashboards in order to monitor vital information about the status, usage, health, and vulnerabilities of technology appliances. They want to zoom in and out of data visualizations to examine and analyze the underlying data that can answer their questions.

Working with OpenText Analytics gives OEMs a quick and easy way to enhance and modernize network appliances with the ability to provide intelligent, interactive data reports. Designed for seamless integration, the OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting platform blends in with any environment and easily adopts the look and feel of your existing application. It lends itself to smooth distribution across networks for speedy, friction-free provisioning and upgrades. 

Choose from two deployment approaches: OpenText Magellan BI & Reporting, the powerful out-of-the-box data visualization platform and deployment server, for full customization. Or leverage the set of flexible, platform-independent OpenText Java Components. You’ll get lightweight implementation that lets you retain your existing web application architecture, including HTML or XML pages and JavaScript or SOAP information sharing standards, while embedding analytics reporting and BI directly into your appliance. Store report designs and documents directly on a file system. The Java components are platform-independent, scalable by separating user-interface design from content generation, and customizable to specific environments and user requirements.

Magellan BI & Reporting was designed for easy integration into any application. Embedding Magellan BI & Reporting into your appliance gives you:

  • Easy content development with a modern web page design metaphor
  • Open architecture with flexible programming
  • Full support for libraries and reuse
  • Resources for a range of adaptable solutions
  • Single sign-on authentication

The OpenText Java Components approach offers:

  • Small footprint
  • Mix-and-match flexibility to license individual components as needed
  • Platform-independence
  • Easy integration with application server authentication
  • JavaServer Pages (JSPs) that support creation of HTML or XML pages combining static web page templates with dynamic content
  • Secure HTTP (HTTPS) supports secure information transfer on the web
  • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) standards provide plain text transmission of XML using HTTP
  • Support for JavaScript to quickly and easily embed content

Either way, you’ll be empowered to:

  • Create and deliver visually engaging, interactive reports, analytics, and dashboards directly from the appliance
  • Integrate graphs, charts, and visualizations with data sources for real-time insights
  • Scale reports and applications to unlimited users
  • Access data from the appliance and integrate it with security and business rules
  • Expand capabilities of web-based applications to empower business users with self-service data analysis and collaborative reporting experiences
  • Improve customer satisfaction and user engagement 
  • Appeal to a wider customer base to expand their business opportunities
  • Reduce development time, report maintenance, and support costs

Provide more value to your customers by making your applications intelligent. Seamlessly incorporate customized reports and visualizations in attractive, intuitive formats into your technology appliances with OpenText Analytics. Give your customers what they want: data-driven applications with embedded analytics that allow action and analysis to occur in one place.

Use OEM partnership with OpenText to save your company time and resources, so you can focus on what you do best. You can offer integrated solutions that immediately enhance and modernize the reporting functionality of appliance applications. At the same time, you’re future-proofing your products – OpenText Analytics smoothly adapts to future technology changes so you’ll never be left behind.