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OpenText Magellan Analytics Designer

Enterprise Embedded Reporting Software

OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Designer (formerly OpenText Analytics Designer) allows developers to design and create dynamic reports with embedded analytics, data visualizations, interactive web applications, and customizable dashboards for personalized insights and better end user experiences.

Enterprise Reporting Software for Developers Creating Advanced Data-Driven Applications and Interactive Business Reports

OpenText Analytics professional reporting software provides a powerful development environment for creating and embedding advanced analytical reports and data-driven applications for end users. Developers who want to enhance the basic features of the open source Eclipse BIRT Designer can easily use Magellan Analytics Designer to create reusable HTML5 visualizations, interactive web reports, and dashboards to provide better, more personalized experiences for business users. Working within a web-based design metaphor, developers can integrate analytics seamlessly into information applications that support HTML5 and programming with JavaScript for report customization. OpenText Analytics reporting software helps developers build commercial business intelligence (BI) applications and dynamic embedded reports that meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of end users without having to create and maintain all the code by hand.

Reporting Software Tools for Creating Interactive Reports for Data-Driven Applications

Enhance the Functionality of Open Source Eclipse BIRT Designer for Highly Personalized Business Reports

With our enterprise-grade reporting software, developers get more functions for commercial use that go beyond the open source Eclipse BIRT Designer. Including scalable deployment options for web and mobile applications, our reporting tools enable developers to integrate interactive analytics content in commercial applications for data management, business user dashboards, and advanced analytics.

Our business reporting software tools are fully compatible with content developed with the Eclipse open source designer. For enterprise-level reporting, our professional Magellan Analytics Designer shares all the functions of the Open Source BIRT designer and adds the following enhanced features for commercial developers:

  • Caching for creating interactive and analytic content
  • Hundreds of HTML5-powered charts
  • Gadgets and maps
  • Commercial Data Drivers
  • Metadata layer
  • Impact analysis