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OpenText Magellan Analytics Studio

Create business reports and data visualizations without relying on IT

OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Studio (formerly OpenText Analytics Studio) is the web-based self-service ad-hoc reporting tool in OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting, designed for business users who want to create business reports and dynamic data visualizations without relying on IT. The intuitive graphical interface provides easy to use feature for creating insightful ad-hoc reports that can be easily shared to solve urgent business problems.

Make Better Day-to-Day Decisions with Ad-Hoc Reports You Design

Magellan Analytics Studio gives your organization the advantage of do-it-yourself ad-hoc reporting for instant insights to drive day-to-day decisions. With its highly versatile and user-friendly content creation and formatting tools, Magellan Analytics Studio includes powerful design elements that accommodate easy viewing and manipulation of data, providing more control over building ad-hoc reports.

image thumbnail Analytics Studio 
Magellan Analytics Studio ad-hoc reporting tools include simple report templates for business users.

Accessing your data quickly on your own, allows you to customize your ad-hoc reports with highly personalized graphical data visualizations. You can also apply business-specific logic and preferences to a canvas of non-static data representations, modify what data to view by adding or removing columns or rows, creating new summaries, and organizing the information as you go. In this way, you can personalize your ad-hoc reports and decide what data should be included or excluded in your graphs, charts, tables, and diagrams.

Leveraging ad-hoc reports gives you endless opportunities to think outside the box by blending together any data that is available to you.

Building Ad-hoc Reports with OpenText Magellan Analytics

When it comes to using raw data, we all tend to get more out of it when we can actually see the data illustrated in an organized way—or better yet, in an interactive way.

With an intuitive, drag-and-drop interface, our ad-hoc query tool enables business users to access their data and present that data in interactive data visualizations without IT help. Even new users with zero to minimal training can point-and-click their way through Magellan Analytics Studio’s intuitive environment to build reports with their own selection of data presentations for immediate insights.

image thumbnail iHub for Analytics Studio
 image thumbnail iHub for Analytics Studio
Building your own ad-hoc reports is as easy as 1-2-3, choose your data, select your preferred visualization and drag it on the empty canvas.

Getting Started with Magellan Analytics Studio

Learn about OpenText Magellan Analytics and how to build ad-hoc reports with Magellan Analytics Studio


  • Web-based query tool allows all users to access pre-existing report templates created by IT through any Internet browser or mobile-enabled smart device
  • Easy to use - requires virtually no training so anyone can create and run ad hoc reports
  • Seamless integration into mobile and web applications via HTML5
  • Access via browser, no installation of client software required
  • Ships with a set of re-usable templates and themes, or use Smart Web Layout feature to easily create and reformat dashboard-style layouts
  • User friendly for non-technical users with a modern drag-and-drop graphic interface to create crosstabs, tables, and charts
  • Requires virtually no training, so anyone can run ad-hoc reports, previewing and pre-filtering the data before the report runs or adjusting parameters at runtime
  • Populate new reports with information from pre-loaded data sources, including Magellan Data Discovery
  • Save, and return to ad-hoc reports for later use Share reports with other users