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OpenText Magellan Interactive Viewer

Self-Service Data Visualization and Reporting Made Easy

OpenText™ Magellan™ BI & Reporting is the foundation for secure interactive analytic applications in the OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite, allowing organizations to discover what’s going on beneath the surface of their data. It comes equipped with varying self-service data visualization and reporting capabilities that offer just the right type of self-service data analytics for any user.

Of these self-service capabilities, OpenText Magellan Interactive Viewer (formerly OpenText Interactive Viewer) offers the greatest ease and convenience, with the quickest time to value. It’s an ideal tool for business users who want to quickly get insights using interactive data visualizations and reports with a minimum of training or IT support.

Magellan Interactive Viewer enables users to personalize, save, and share information and insights within minutes. Users can click on a bar in a bar chart or a slice in a pie chart to drill down and see related information via a tooltip. Intuitively, users just point and click. This makes the viewer a powerful solution for organizations that want the flexibility and convenience of self-service business intelligence reporting tools that any business user can benefit from.

By using the Magellan Interactive Viewer feature, business users are presented with compelling visualizations, which can be shared and socialized across all major desktop and mobile platforms. Business users can zoom in or out on any visual they are interested in.

See it in Action

Learn how to use Magellan Interactive Viewer to personalize, export and save a report to Magellan BI & Reporting

Data Formatting and Viewing

Magellan Interactive Viewer lets users freely group, aggregate, sort, and filter data, and perform a wide range of calculations and comparisons. It offers conditional data formatting, for example, to highlight cells with values in a certain range (pink = invoices over 60 days past due, red = invoices over 90 days past due). 

  • Simple (ascending and descending) and advanced sorting functions, including by multiple criteria
  • Use expressions to extend standard math functions beyond basic calculations, such as dates or ratings
  • Data aggregation can perform a calculation over a set of data rows
  • Freely group and ungroup data according to the values or intervals you choose, without affecting the underlying report design

Technical Benefits

  • Easy report navigation and formatting, with drag-and-drop convenience
  • Data visualizations support HTML5 across all platforms for easier sharing, including on mobile devices
  • Reports can be saved, shared, socialized or exported to other formats (For example, Excel, Word, PDF, PPT)

Business Benefits

  • Easy, intuitive interface helps users start working sooner, reducing training costs and deriving more value
  • Full integration with Magellan BI & Reporting and the entire Magellan Analytics Suite means faster, easier, more reliable analytics data reuse
  • A single report design can be modified and personalized for multiple user formats, reducing IT overhead
  • Flexible design encourages users to explore data for new insights

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