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OpenText Magellan Data Discovery

Access, blend, explore and analyze data quickly

Identify trends and predict outcomes with OpenText™ Magellan™ Data Discovery

What is data discovery?

The data discovery process utilizes tools that connect to the vast data stores available to an organization and provide advanced analytics capabilities to draw actionable data insights. It produces a single source of the truth for data analysis that makes disparate and messy data clean and comprehensible. Data discovery allows business users to gain insights into patterns and trends for critical business decisions through self-service interfaces, democratizing the ability to perform data analysis beyond data scientists and IT.

OpenText Magellan Data Discovery overview

OpenText™ Magellan™ Data Discovery allows business users and analysts to access, blend, explore and analyze data quickly without depending on IT or data experts. Users can get a 360-degree view of their business, explore billions of records in seconds and apply advanced and predictive analytics techniques all in a drag-and-drop experience, with no complex data modeling or coding required.

OpenText Magellan Data Discovery features

  • Data source connectivity

    Data source connectivity

    Easily makes huge data sets accessible from multiple sources for a single view of all data.

  • Easy to use visuals

    Easy to use visuals

    Makes big data visual with decision trees, association rules, profiling, segmentation, Venn diagrams and more.

  • Self-service interface

    Self-service interface

    Turns raw data into sophisticated data visualizations in minutes with a few clicks through an intuitive user interface for business users and data analysts.

  • Recommended data visualizations

    Recommended data visualizations

    Suggests visualizations to drive insights based on the data users select through smart data discovery.

  • Machine learning model versioning

    Machine learning model versioning

    Allows user to select from multiple versions of published machine learning models and analytical assets to arrive at the most accurate results and forecasts.

  • Categorization

    Notification center

    Helps all users stay up to date on changes to data, analysis, permissions, and more that might affect their daily operations.

  • Categorization

    Cloud-native edition

    Unlocks a new level of performance, agility and simplified management by deploying Magellan Data Discovery in the cloud. Certified for the OpenText Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

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OpenText Magellan Data Discovery benefits

  • Best practices analytical techniques

    Discover hidden relationships, patterns, profiles and trends to make fact-based decisions through pre-built algorithms and analysis.

  • Analyze billions of records in seconds

    Leverage high-performance big data analysis of hundreds of tables, millions of rows, billions of records for deeper business insights.

  • Enhance user autonomy and self-sufficiency

    Empower users without statistical backgrounds to run deep analytics with pre-packaged algorithmic functions.

  • Automate time-consuming processes

    Connect multiple steps into one process and schedule it to run on a regular basis to remove manual, repetitive processes.

  • No complex data modeling

    Eliminate the need for data cubes, pre-processing and modeling to minimize data analysis-related IT workload and dependency on data scientists.

OpenText Magellan Data Discovery suites and solutions

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