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Data Science Notebook
OpenText Magellan for Data Scientists

Empower smarter, data-driven decisions with machine learning projects on an AI and analytics platform featuring a data science notebook

Create custom machine learning models and data processing routines to improve decision making.

What is a notebook in data science?

A data science notebook through which data scientists create and share custom machine learning models and data processing routines. An interface within an AI and analytics platform, it allows data scientists to work efficiently in their familiar environment by supporting popular languages for data science coding, such as Python, Scala and R. Data Scientists can leverage the machine learning library built into Spark and create new and custom models that can be shared with operational users to enable smarter business decisions without needing to understand code.

Why data science notebooks?

  • Collect and operationalize huge volumes of structured and unstructured data

    An AI data-powered data science notebook automates big data processing by connecting to a variety of repositories and leveraging data mining techniques. This minimizes tedious tasks for data scientists and allows them to focus on solving complex challenges through powerful models.

  • Share insights from machine learning models

    Data scientists can publish and share machine learning models across the enterprise with the Magellan data science notebook. Subject matter experts and business users can explore this information through analytics dashboards, drag and drop capabilities and data visualization options that match their preference.

  • Meet changing business needs

    Data scientists can combine machine learning models with evolving big data and big content to create a predictive modelling knowledge base that scales with the organization. Model versioning and validation allows data scientists to easily track changes, test models for freshness, maintain multiple Machine Learning models, and utilize the version that is most accurate for the organization’s ever-changing data and content landscape.

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OpenText Magellan for Data Scientists overview

OpenText Magellan for Data Scientists empowers data scientists to create and share machine learning models across the organization. It increases productivity by automating big data processing and enabling a deep dive into massive amounts of data for improved visibility. With a predictive modeling knowledge base, algorithm customization and customized dashboards, data scientists have what they need to deploy and collaborate on data science projects that add value to the organization.

An organization has data scientists, subject matter experts and business users, all of whom excel in their roles but lack a collaborative tool for connecting across teams. The company’s data scientists created machine learning models but lacked the ability to share projects in a way that would resonate with subject matter experts. As a result, projects became siloed. The company’s data scientists were also getting bogged down with the ever-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data. They were spending more time on acquiring, merging and making sense of data and less time building models that could help solve the critical issues the business was facing.

By embracing a flexible AI and analytics platform with a data science notebook, predictive modeling and flexible data visualization options, the organization broke down its silos and enabled cross-functional collaboration. Data scientists are more productive, since the collection and processing of big data has become automated. They can also share and collaborate on data science projects, since subject matter experts can simply drag and drop data sets into machine learning models that are easily pushed to production by data scientists through a publishing wizard to predict better outcomes. In addition, business users can benefit from easy-to-use visual dashboards and reports. Data scientists no longer spend the majority of their time on tedious tasks. Now, these experts are fully utilizing their expertise to help answer the biggest and most important business questions.

OpenText Magellan for Data Scientists includes

OpenText Professional Services:
Al & Analytics Services

The OpenText™ Magellan™ Professional Services team includes data scientists and experts on application machine learning, text mining and algorithms in data analytics scenarios.

They have a deep expertise with Magellan and analytics technologies and are experienced working with organizations across many industries to glean insight from their data.

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