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Intelligent recommendations

Drive sales by leveraging AI and analytics to recommend personalized product offers that maximize customer satisfaction and retention

See how Intelligent Recommendations can help personalize product offers to increase customer loyalty and boost sales

What is intelligent recommendations?

Intelligent recommendations is a data analytics solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that helps companies optimize customer experiences by harnessing all data related to customers and sales. Businesses can monitor and analyze customer activities to predict preferences and personalize offers and experiences.

Why intelligent recommendations?

  • Customers expect brands to know them better

    Most consumers are annoyed by repetitive, generic offers—78 percent are likely to engage with a brand only when promotions are directly tied to their previous interactions.1 By automatically detecting decision points and proposing appropriate actions, Intelligent Recommendations can maximize the odds of a purchase or cross-sell.

  • Consumer preferences are difficult to understand

    Companies must go beyond hard data, such as transaction history, to comprehend customer sentiment, which lives in online chats, emails and social posts. Using natural language processing and sentiment analysis, Intelligent Recommendations uncovers opinions found in unstructured data for better insight into customer preferences and habits.

  • Relevant offers must be made at the right time

    A customer may have a propensity to buy, but sales are lost when offers come too early or late. Intelligent Recommendations leverages historic trends and realtime data to make relevant offers at purchase interactions.

  • Consumers want personalized and relevant interactions. About 66 percent - nearly two-thirds say sharing data should result in personalized product and service advice. More than 50 percent - more than half say they would share more data for new benefits
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Solution overview

Intelligent Recommendations from OpenText™ Magellan™ helps companies optimize customer experiences on every channel, from online shopping to customer service. It gives businesses the ability to monitor customer preferences, predict their needs and deliver highly personalized experiences. By leveraging AI and big data analytics, Intelligent Recommendations can predict with increasing accuracy whether customers will purchase a particular product or service, and then serve up recommendations aligned with those preferences.

Intelligent recommendations user interface
Intelligent Recommendations surfaces insights that help enterprises profile target customers to improve campaign effectiveness and drive sales

Intelligent Recommendations from OpenText Magellan at work

A large, multinational bank wants to improve the hit rate on new auto loans, credit cards and other products it offers its banking customers. Simply rotating offers on their online banking site isn’t working.

With Intelligent Recommendations, the bank can mine a customer’s past online activity, credit scores, demographic profiles and social and chat posts, as well as the behavior patterns of similar customers, to determine which product offers might appeal most, and when.

By improving product offering hit rates, the bank sees higher profits and gains better insight into customer preferences and buying trends that can inform future product development.

Featured components

Intelligent Recommendations from OpenText is based on components of OpenText Magellan, a flexible AI data analytics platform, and OpenText Professional Services:

OpenText Professional Services:
Al & Analytics Services

The OpenText™ Magellan™ Professional Services team includes data scientists and experts on application machine learning, text mining and algorithms in data analytics scenarios.

They have a deep expertise with Magellan and analytics technologies and are experienced working with organizations across many industries to glean insight from their data.

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