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Magellan Text Mining

Make sense of text, millions of pages at a time

Explore how OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining transforms unstructured data into insights

What is text mining and content analytics?

Without the right analytic tools, organizations often fail to tap into their unstructured data, such as text. With nearly 80% of all enterprise information being unstructured, the potential lost value is enormous. With text mining, organizations can quickly and inexpensively access and analyze billions of pages of textual content and imagery from internal documents, emails, social media, web pages and more. Text mining goes beyond simply searching for keywords. It uses powerful algorithms to analyze that content, determine what a given piece of text is about and assess its relevance.

OpenText Magellan Text Mining overview

OpenText™ Magellan™ Text Mining transforms data into insights for better decision-making and information management while freeing up resources and time. By some estimates, as much as 71% of enterprises are struggling with how to manage and protect unstructured data.1 Magellan Text Mining enables enterprises to understand the context and information locked in high volumes of content at scale.

With Magellan Text Mining, information governance is more accurate and efficient, cutting down on redundant, obsolete or trivial information and extending the lifespan of useful data.

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OpenText Magellan Text Mining features

  • Concept extraction

    Concept extraction

    Identifies meaningful terms and noun phrases from documents, using algorithms to extract core concepts.

  • Entity extraction

    Named entity recognition

    Locates and extracts places, people, organizations and anything else with a name.

  • Summarization

    Text summarization

    Finds key sentences in documents and uses them to create a summary, streamlining a time-consuming manual task.

  • Sentiment and emotion analysis

    Sentiment, emotion and intention analysis

    Detects if documents convey a positive, negative or neutral tone, are objective or opinion-based, the extent to which they express anger, anticipation, disgust, fear, joy, sadness, surprise and trust, and the causal or business intent behind the message.

  • Multilingual


    Offers dedicated natural language processing and additional annotators out of the box for ten languages, including English, German, and Spanish, and supports basic concept and named entity extraction for 25 others.

  • Text classification

    Text classification

    Indexes and sorts documents by classification and identifies relevancies. Analyzes concepts and queries them against extensible models and knowledge bases to create document profiles according to a defined taxonomy.

  • Language Detection

    Language detection

    Automatically recognizes the language(s) used throughout the document.

  • Cloud-native edition

    Cloud-native edition

    Unlocks a new level of performance, agility and simplified management by deploying Magellan Text Mining to the cloud. Certified for the OpenText Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

  • Image analysis

    Image analysis

    Go beyond text and analyze visuals, whether in dedicated image files or embedded within documents.

  • Content repository enrichment

    Content repository enrichment

    Crawls content stored within OpenText™ Content Server and enriches it with metadata in-place to aid records management and findability.

OpenText Magellan Text Mining benefits

  • Improve customer support

    Serve up the right pieces of text from among millions or billions of pages to complete an order record, address a service question or personalize a product recommendation.

  • Streamline information governance and regulatory compliance

    Intelligently index and enrich content archives to help users spot content that needs to be retained, archived or shared for more reliable information governance and regulatory compliance.

  • Find new value in content and derive more insight

    Go beyond simple tagging to extract what content is about, linguistically parsing every sentence to create rich metadata that makes it easier to find and add meaning to key names, places, dates, concepts and more.

  • Safeguard business

    Take a proactive approach to finding high-risk content to protect the organization and meet ethical responsibilities owed to stakeholders.

  • Enable fast deployment

    Easily set up and operate using convenient pre-configured vocabularies and taxonomies, flexible machine learning options, a range of crawlers for the most popular enterprise content repositories, a management console and a visually appealing, self-service UI.

  • Seamlessly integrate with EIM

    Combine Magellan Text Mining’s content analytics with sophisticated predictive analytics, enterprise-grade business intelligence (BI), open-source machine learning libraries and a computing platform that can acquire, merge, manage, analyze and visualize big data and big content stored in any Enterprise Information Management system.

OpenText Magellan Text Mining solutions

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