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OpenText Alchemy for RightFax

OpenText Alchemy provides long-term, secure fax storage for faxes exchanged with RightFax fax server, enabling organizations to improve RightFax performance, support compliance requirements and decrease risk. With fast and easy search and retrieval capabilities, it reduces the time, cost and complexity of accessing archived faxed documents.

Organizations leverage Alchemy to control the entire lifecycle of documents within an organization. It includes server-side functionality, which is important in controlling and auditing document access for compliance, and supports applications that require integrated document and record management. Alchemy can be easily expanded to create and manage other repositories for archived content, such as scanned documents, PDFs, email and other content.

Benefits of OpenText Alchemy with RightFax:

  • Provides an integrated, long-term archiving solution to quickly search, sort and index RightFax documents and other content
  • Reduces costs by replacing paper filing systems and other inefficient storage options with a single, extendible and scalable archiving solution
  • Improves retention capabilities for policies governing your organization
  • Increases security and privacy of archived faxes
  • Decreases risk of non-compliance and non-secure personal storage devices
  • Improves efficiency by managing and automating highly repetitive tasks such as document indexing, routing and matching