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OpenText RightFax and MedNX

Extend high-quality, remote print capabilities to RightFax with OpenText MedNX

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Move forward on your path to digital transformation with secure healthcare document delivery within and beyond your local network.

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Adding MedNX to a RightFax environment, providers can easily send patient documents to any printer that is not in their local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN). Extending the remote print capabilities for RightFax from electronic medical record systems (EMR), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other systems streamlines workflows, making day-to-day document exchange easier. Users can print to any remote device across the country as easily as printing on the machine down the hall.

MedNX is a private, cloud-based, secure document delivery solution providing one secure platform for information exchange, with multiple endpoints, affording connectivity to virtually any remote device.

MedNX delivers the ability to print more precise, detailed, full-color lab test results on a remote printer providing a better representation of an individual’s health status.

Through the MedNX easy-to-use portal, document delivery tracking identifies exactly when and where each file or document is delivered. There will be no worries about whether a document was sent or received.

Benefits of MedNX:

  • Improves PHI document quality and reach by augmenting the capabilities of RightFax
  • Streamlines workflow by sending PHI documents beyond the local network
  • Extends document reach to remote printers for high resolution printing from ERP, EMR, or other systems
  • Saves money by eliminating additional dedicated telecommunications and infrastructure maintenance
  • Onboards providers quickly and easily