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OpenText RightFax Managed Services

Extend your IT resources by offloading the complexity of your digital fax implementation 

By its very nature, a fax server deployment of complicated integrations, upgrades, and telephony connections is costly, complex, and requires continuous investments in specialized technology and internal professionals to implement, monitor, and troubleshoot. Organizations around the globe consistently turn to OpenText™ RightFax for its capabilities as a robust and secure enterprise fax solution. However, even this best-of breed digital fax implementation can be complex and a tremendous IT resource drain.

How can you simplify your environment and enhance your digital faxing operations to rapidly respond to new business opportunities and workflow requirements? How can you keep up with dynamic integration requirements with enterprise applications? How can you divert precious IT resources to other strategic initiatives?

OpenText RightFax Managed Services combines your goals with our resources to fill gaps in internal expertise.

RightFax Managed Services

OpenText RightFax Managed Services combines your goals with our resources and empowers your organization to free up internal assets to focus on core business objectives, eliminate on-premises fax server complexity, and fill gaps in internal expertise. RightFax Managed Services combines the technology of RightFax—the most trusted fax server for secure information exchange—with the experts at OpenText to implement, manage, and monitor your RightFax implementation.

Through value-added services and expertise, RightFax Managed Services acts as an extension of your IT team, allowing you to focus on your core and reallocate resources to other strategic initiatives.

Whether you are looking to modernize faxing, improve the reliability and stability of your digital fax solution, or get tighter integrations to ERP, CRM, DM, EMRs or any enterprise application for better process automation, RightFax Managed Services provides the complete, turnkey solution to get it done right. Hosted in a secure OpenText datacenter, with high availability, scalable and reliable faxing, RightFax Managed Services lowers the total cost of ownership of your enterprise, digital fax solution by eliminating the cost and complexity of an onsite implementation.

By leveraging the power of OpenText and RightFax Managed Services, you can focus on delivering your products and services and improving your customer satisfaction levels while you shield your organization from the complexity of an on-premises deployment with a partner that is always focused on digital fax technology and investing in the latest capabilities to future proof your implementation.

All the pros of RightFax, without the cons

RightFax Managed Services allows your organization to get all the pros of digital fax – expert people, processes and technology -  without the cons. It empowers your organization to:

  • Leverage the experts from a trusted digital fax solution partner as an extension of your IT resources
  • Free up internal resources to focus on core business objectives and other strategic priorities
  • Eliminate on-premises fax server complexity and hardware/software costs
  • Fill gaps in internal expertise
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Improve fax-dependent workflows and integrations with the enterprise apps that run your business
  • Scale to meet changing business needs

Download the the RightFax Managed Services solution overview to learn more.