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RightFax add-on Options

Increase the power of OpenText RightFax

OpenText RightFax provides a flexible, extensible, scalable architecture and growth options to meet the needs of all businesses, great and small.

Compare RightFax server version capabilities and available add-on solutions

 Compare RightFax server version capabilities and available add-on solutions

OpenText RightFax Analytics

RightFax Analytics provides a comprehensive view of RightFax transmissions, including traffic with RightFax Connect, which enables companies to easily access, analyze and identify system performance, volume statistics and detailed delivery information.

OpenText RightFax SMS Service

RightFax SMS Service allows users to send SMS messages as part of a workflow or business process, leveraging existing integrations with EMR, ERP or CRM systems to send notifications as needed. Whether sending a shipping change notice, order confirmation or patient appointment reminder, this add-on simplifies integrated SMS messaging. Administrators can also set up administrative alerts for event notifications regarding their RightFax system.

OpenText RightFax Capture

RightFax Capture automates business processes with a new integration between RightFax and capture technology. OpenText Cloud Capture now integrates with a RightFax server to receive inbound faxes and apply optical character recognition to the fax’s content to extract data and convert faxed content into data for back-end systems, or route based on bar code data.

OpenText RightFax eBusiness

Organizations can privately share their server capacity with other business entities and affiliates through Exclusive Groups available with the RightFax eBusiness License. The RightFax eBusiness License is sold in blocks of 10. Each eBusiness license allows users to create 10 private Exclusive Groups and provides the RightFax server with multi-tenancy functionality.

OpenText RightFax PDF Module

The RightFax PDF Module allows users to easily send PDF and Postscript files as faxes. PDF is native to many of the most widely used back-office and desktop applications.

OpenText RightFax Searchable PDF Module

The RightFax Searchable PDF Module uses optical character recognition (OCR) to convert sent and received fax images to searchable text. Instantly identify and retrieve needed faxes by searching for keywords, without reading through hundreds or thousands of pages.

OpenText RightFax Bar Code Routing Module

The RightFax Bar Code Routing Module automatically routes inbound faxes by reading a bar code on the cover sheet or first page of a document. By minimizing user intervention, businesses will see increased productivity.

OpenText RightFax SecureDocs Module

The RightFax SecureDocs Module certified delivery uploads files to a secure web server in the user’s data center and emails a link to the recipient. With password protection and secure web, files are safe. To aid in security and compliance, the RightFax SecureDocs Module also provides confirmation of receipt and an audit trail. PDF file encryption enables certified and encrypted delivery.

OpenText RightFax Shared Services Module

The RightFax Shared Services Module enables two to four RightFax Servers to operate as a single unit by sharing a single database. It increases performance and capacity by distributing workload across servers. The module adds high availability through duplication of critical system functions, so it can keep running even if sites or servers go offline.

OpenText RightFax XML Generator Module

The RightFax XML Generator Module allows integration with XML-based systems and applications for both sent and received faxes.

OpenText RightFax Integration Module

The RightFax Integration Module ties back-end systems into RightFax to automatically deliver documents by fax, email, print, SMS, certified email or certified and encrypted email. Delivery from Oracle, SAP, other ERP and CRM systems is easily customizable with RightFax facsimile command language (FCL), XML, Java and more. Delivery confirmation and audit trail data can be inserted into ERP and other back-office applications.

OpenText RightFax Business Integration Module

The RightFax Business Integration Module empowers your small business or department to automatically deliver documents. Contains similar capabilities to the RightFax Integration Module, but is limited to two inputs and only fax or print output.

OpenText RightFax Encryption Module

A new licensed module which encrypts all fax images in the RightFax image directory, encrypted with Triple AES 192-bit security, helping organizations achieve compliance with regulations such as PCI-DSS and HIPAA.

OpenText RightFax Vault

When combined with OpenText Alchemy, RightFax Vault provides scalable, efficient fax archiving in RightFax, allowing customers to address compliance and security requirements as well as easily and securely search and retrieve sent and received faxes.

OpenText RightFax Image High Availability

This add-on module for RightFax provides high availability for fax images stored in a SQL server to reduce the complexity and cost of a RightFax environment.

OpenText RightFax Remote DocTransport Server

This simple hardware solution connects with existing RightFax infrastructures to extend fax capabilities and telephony presence to remote offices, which is perfect for companies with expensive overseas IT costs.

OpenText RightFax Connector for Microsoft® Exchange®

The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange enables users of Exchange Server to conveniently send, receive and manage faxes into Microsoft Outlook and fax from Outlook, and review the realtime fax status of a transmission. Users can organize faxed documents in Outlook, and companies can optionally archive them via Exchange.

OpenText RightFax Connector for IBM® Notes

RightFax fully integrates with IBM Notes/Domino email systems. Businesses can choose from a variety of integration levels to leave the Notes clients untouched or incorporate faxing features directly into the clients.

OpenText RightFax Connector for SAP® ERP

Use the certified RightFax Connector for SAP ERP to seamlessly integrate inbound and outbound faxes with SAP systems. The connector can also integrate RightFax faxing directly into SAPoffice.

OpenText RightFax Connector for IBM®FileNet® Content Manager

The RightFax Connector for FileNet integrates RightFax with IBM FileNet, allowing companies to store faxes in FileNet for archival, indexing, search and workflow processes and to send FileNet documents as faxes.

OpenText RightFax Connector for eDOCS

The RightFax Connector for eDOCS allows users to securely deliver and import received documents into eDOCS. Companies benefit from the synergy between powerful document management and market-leading fax and document distribution.

OpenText RightFax Connector for Microsoft® SharePoint®

The RightFax Connector for Microsoft SharePoint allows users to send and receive faxes from SharePoint. The connector offers fax as an option on the drop-down document menu, fax-enabling entire document libraries. It can also receive faxes directly into SharePoint document libraries for archival, workflow, index and search.

OpenText RightFax Connectors for MFPs

OpenText offers general-purpose RightFax SMTP and XML connectors for MFPs, as well as purpose-built, integrated RightFax connectors for the leading MFP manufacturers. The connectors make faxing easy and record fax usage from MFPs with user-specific audit trails. These connectors eliminate the need for dedicated analog phone lines and expensive fax kits.

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