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RightFax Benefits

Organizations which do not have a digital transformation strategy that includes a secure information exchange component stand the risk of inefficiency, higher costs, slower gains, and lower productivity, as well as security and compliance risks.

As your organization adopts a digital transformation strategy, a key component is the transformation of how that information is securely exchanged. Digitization must include tools for secure information exchange that support operational gains while improving agility, employee productivity, and higher levels of compliance to reduce risk.

RightFax has a long history as the No.1 secure information exchange platform in the world. As the most flexible and configurable fax server available, RightFax integration and automation capabilities make it the No.1 choice for organizations to support their digital transformation strategy.

Increase Business Agility

  • Increase the speed of information exchange by integrating RightFax with business applications such as ERP, CRM, EMR and document management tools
  • Shorten business cycles by leveraging integrations to automate the exchange of information
  • Better control over secure information exchange and business processes
  • Facilitate growth with faster business expansion
  • Focus on your core business to differentiate and be more agile than your competitors

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

  • Increase productivity by sending, receiving, and managing faxes electronically
  • Integrate with any email application to manage fax traffic as easily as managing emails
  • Integrate with MFP devices to fax paper documents any time you need to
  • Consolidate and centralize all faxing operations in a single solution to maximize visibility
  • Flexible deployment options and configurability provides the foundation to grow and change as your business needs change

Keep Content Private and Secure

  • RightFax helps maintain compliance with regulations to keep sensitive information private and secure
  • Meet growing regulatory compliance requirements regarding protected information and establish defensible governance policies
  • Protect content with restricted access to any and all fax transmissions