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RightFax Connect

The Best Choice for Hybrid Faxing: RightFax + RightFax Connect

With the ever-increasing push to the cloud, many RightFax customers may be wondering how they can make the move to the cloud. The answer is simple. OpenText RightFax Connect: the only cloud service guaranteed to provide a complete end-to-end hybrid fax solution for RightFax, backed by the strength of the OpenText Cloud.

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Simplify your RightFax Environment

Connecting RightFax to the telephone network can be the most complicated step in implementing an on-premises fax server deployment. RightFax Connect simplifies a RightFax deployment and eliminates the time and cost of configuring, troubleshooting and implementing of fax boards, gateways, capacity planning, channels, and phone lines for a RightFax deployment.

  • Eliminate the most complex part of an on-premises fax server deployment, connecting to telephony. RightFax Connect requires no fax boards, no fax channels, no gateways, no PRI/T1/E1 lines, no analog phone lines, and no complex PBX integrations – eliminate the complexity and the cost!
  • Easily combine cloud-based fax delivery with RightFax server for the only end-to-end hybrid fax solution for RightFax
  • No capacity planning. RightFax Connect is flexible and scalable cloud faxing that scales automatically to provide capacity for large fax volumes, including bursts and peaks
  • No change to the user experience. All integrations, including back-end systems and email, remain the same. Users can fax right from email, RightFax FaxUtil and RightFax Web Client with no change to the user experience. And you get to keep your existing fax numbers.

RightFax Connect provides the only end-to-end hybrid solution for RightFax

With so many options in cloud faxing, it can be difficult to navigate the clutter in the cloud market. One message is loud and clear: For unsurpassed security, performance and reliability, RightFax Connect provides the best hybrid solution for RightFax. Customers who require secure, scalable and supported hybrid faxing solutions turn to RightFax Connect, a proven, effective and fully supported cloud-based communication for RightFax servers. Don’t trust your mission critical faxing operations to non-OpenText services.

Hybrid Faxing with RightFax Connect

  • Keep the deep integrations of RightFax, and combine it with the powerful simplicity of cloud-based telephony
  • Free your valuable IT and telecommunications staff from the time-consuming burden of managing and maintaining telephony connections and capacity planning for RightFax
  • Keeps content secure with encryption at rest and in transit
  • Highest additional security protocols with multiple layers of hardware and logical access controls including multi-tiered firewall architecture, intrusion detection/prevention systems, three simultaneous layers of anti-virus, three simultaneous products/layers of log analytics and monitoring, and multiple layers of end-to end encryption including TLS/SSL, IPSec/VPN, SSH, FTPS, and others to protect data in transit