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OpenText RightFax Healthcare Direct

Accelerate connectivity and transition to better forms of exchange

Meaningful connectivity and interoperability are within reach simply by leveraging the most connected device for patient information exchange, OpenText™ RightFax™, to optimize the exchange to achieve connectivity, improve processes and workflows, and increase care coordination. By transforming all content exchanged with other providers to secure, interoperable and electronic exchanges, you can eliminate the inefficiencies of fax, optimize patient information exchange and improve patient safety with digital care coordination.

RightFax Healthcare Direct is the first fax software solution to combine fax and Direct messaging in a single solution by sending Direct messages whenever possible and faxing only when you need it. This innovative solution leverages RightFax to convert outbound faxes to secure, interoperable exchanges, reducing the inefficiencies of fax to your organization.

RightFax Healthcare Direct is the first of its kind providing meaningful connectivity by exchanging electronic content that is EMR- and content-agnostic with tools for community care engagement, which helps spread the successful exchange of electronic content and connects community caregivers.

A simple upgrade to your RightFax server allows RightFax to convert faxed content to secure electronic exchange by matching the recipient fax number to their secure direct address and converting the fax to a Direct message by pulling patient demographic information into the message. When no Direct address is available in the directory, RightFax Healthcare Direct delivers the patient information as a fax instead.

With tools to connect the entire care team, including those providers outside your health system, RightFax Healthcare Direct helps expand your connectivity to other care providers for better care coordination.

An interoperable environment improves the delivery of care by making the right data available at the right time to the right people. Interoperability for patient information exchange is within reach by achieving meaningful connectivity by transforming all content exchanged with other providers to secure, interoperable and electronic exchanges with RightFax Healthcare Direct.

Benefits of RightFax Healthcare Direct

  • Achieve connectivity and improve care coordination throughout the entire care continuum
  • Reduce risk and cost of care by providing documents in real-time at the point of care
  • Reduce outbound and inbound fax volumes, costs and resources spent managing inefficient faxing methods
  • Transition from inefficient fax methods to better forms of electronic exchange