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RightFax Integrations

Integrating RightFax with your back-end systems and applications allows you to create a foundation by which to capture, manage, exchange, and analyze the flow of information and develop an ecosystem of connected customers, suppliers, and business partners.

RightFax integrates with a variety of software applications that help streamline document process workflows in healthcare, financial, legal and other industries. We also integrate with popular back office applications like Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes for fax to email. We can integrate with almost any system, including ECM, ERP, MFP fax devices, and a variety of EMR or healthcare software products.

Desktop Integrations: Over 2/3 of RightFax customers use RightFax for ad-hoc faxing – users can send, receive and manage faxes right from desktop applications quickly and easily.

Email Integrations: Our most popular integration method allows users of Microsoft Outlook, IBM Notes or any email application such as Office 365 to send, receive and manage faxes directly within their email application.

ERP Integrations: When you’re looking for an enterprise solution to support a business critical faxing function, look no further. With a pre-built certified connector for SAP, and integrations available from Oracle, RightFax makes sending and receiving content with these ERP systems efficient and highly productive.

MFP Integrations: Extend the capabilities of MFP devices to include secure and traceable faxing. With a number of supported models from the top MFP manufacturers, MFP integrations provides an easy way to fax paper documents after you get rid of fax machines.

Healthcare Integrations: RightFax is the #1 fax server provider in the healthcare industry. RightFax has a large number of technology partners and EMR vendors who have built solid and proven EMR integrations with RightFax.

ECM Integrations: Need to send or receive content to/from your Enterprise Content Management systems? RightFax can do that too.

Custom Integrations: Want to integrate your systems or products with RightFax? Learn more about custom integrations to fit the needs of your business.