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Custom Integrations

Over half of RightFax customers choose RightFax because a critical business process uses fax. Integrating RightFax with the backend systems that perform these processes turns manual, labor-intensive workloads into automatic processes. Looking for ways to integrate RightFax with your backend systems? RightFax has several integration options to improve your workflows and processes

Integration Module

Automate document delivery directly from your product

Custom-Integrations-img1.jpg Streamlining business processes with OpenText RightFax can reduce document delivery costs by up to 90 percent. By automating delivery of mission-critical documents, companies can transfer files and eliminate the need for unreliable printing, costly mailing, and inefficient manual faxing.

The OpenText RightFax Integration Module is the ideal solution for automating all outbound faxes and mission critical documents directly from your product. The RightFax Integration Module can deliver all business critical documents such as purchase orders, confirmations, invoices, loan and credit applications, wire transfers, quotes, titles, fund transfers, bills of lading, rate sheets, and disclosures.

The RightFax Integration Module supports many different technologies including drop directory, Fax Control Language (FCL), HostFax Printer, XML Interface, and Java API. These can be used independently or in conjunction with each other. The RightFax Integration Module consists of a series of simultaneously running executable files that pull data from your application, convert it into outbound faxes and emails, deliver via RightFax, and then send custom notifications where designated.

Drop Directory: The RightFax Integration Module can pull data files from a specified drop directory, convert, format and deliver them via fax and other methods.

FCL: The RightFax Integration Module uses Fax Control Language (FCL), a scripting language for production fax. FCL commands control the delivery of information, document formatting, and post-delivery instructions.

HostFax Printer: RightFax lets you send print jobs with FCL codes to the HostFax Printer for processing by the RightFax Integration Module.

XML Interface and Java API: The XML Interface allows RightFax to send faxes from specially crafted XML files, which can come from a wide variety of sources. These XML files can be submitted by using either the ParseXML utility or the Java API, which includes a set of document delivery classes.

Additional features of the RightFax Integration Module include: document formatting, scheduling, ability to add attachments, lookup table data, reporting, and an audit trail.

XML Generator Module

Automate document workflows with any XML-enabled system.

The OpenText RightFax XML Generator Module outputs fax images and XML files containing fax metadata. Companies can automate fax and document process flows by integrating with ERP, ECM, CRM, BPM, and any XML-enabled system.

XML documents created with the RightFax XML Generator Module can be imported into any XML-compatible application. For example, a company can have an ECM system intercept faxes, use their own tools to manipulate them, add data, and insert them into a workflow-all without printing or scanning.

The RightFax XML Generator Module allows you to change the structure and contents of the XML files it outputs. You can also set folder destinations, change the fax image file format, customize the naming schemes for output files, and apply special filters to the data.


Custom-Integrations-img2.jpg The OpenText RightFax COM API is a library of objects, properties, and methods designed for use in developing custom applications for the OpenText RightFax server. Technology partners integrate any application running on Windows that can interface with COM. Examples of supported languages include C#, C\C++, VB.Net, Visual Basic, and any other language that can utilize COM components.

Additionally, the RightFax COM API provides built-in security features and NT Authentication. It also provides a .NET Framework wrapper for the library for those languages that can use the .NET Framework. The OpenText RightFax COM API includes detailed documentation with samples and tutorials.

Advanced Web Services

Robust fax integrations for multiple technologies.

The OpenText RightFax Advanced Web Services provides a rich interface for integrating your application with RightFax, regardless of the underlying technology you use. The RightFax Web Services API works with any system or language that can consume WCF web services. It offers strong security, including HTTPS and certificate-based authentication.

RightFax Advanced Web Services provides robust integration features for electronic faxing such as send, receive, check status, route, forward, delete, get single, and get multiple.

The installation package contains complete working samples showing each method call, as well as reference documentation and an installation and administration guide. In addition, RightFax Advanced Web Services is designed by OpenText Professional Services. Enrolling in the Technology Partner Program entitles you to free consulting service with them to help you succeed with faster integration using best practices.

Web Services API

The RightFax Web API SDK allows customers to develop an interface between their native application and RightFax Developers can use RightFax Web API to integrate RightFax and RightFax Express with their systems. RightFax Web API makes it much easier to add faxing functionality to applications. With the RightFax Web API, developers can write code that can perform common functions such as:

  • Send, receive, check status, route, forward, retry, and cancel faxes
  • Retrieve fax pages in various formats
  • Manage users and user settings
  • Manage contacts and contact groups