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OpenText RightFax MFP Integrations

Integrate your MFP with RightFax to save money and boost employee efficiency by creating a personalized fax experience at every device

Organizations of every size integrate RightFax with MFP devices - whether it's a single MFP or an entire global fleet of MFPs. With two types of integration methods, RightFax provides organizations a choice of how to integrate their MFP devices with RightFax.

RightFax MFP Integrations

Universal Integration via SMTP or XML*: The Universal integration method allows organizations integrate RightFax with virtually any MFP brand or model. This provides a partial integration between RightFax and the MFP device, providing limited functionality such as:

  • Send faxes quickly and securely via SMTP-based scan-to-email integration
  • Single Sign On functionality (if equipped)
  • Customizable cover sheets, add notes, etc to outgoing faxes
  • Print-back notifications and confirmations
    *XML-based integration is built for Manufacturers, their Dealers and Professional Services organizations and comes with a toolkit for quickly and easily deploying the integration

Full Integration between RightFax and the MFP device: The Full Integration method between RightFax and the MFP device is a code-developed, tightly coupled integration that allows for a feature-rich, interactive user experience at the MFP device for faxing. This integration method provides users the following advanced functionality:

  • Log in at the device for access to personal or shared cover sheets, address books, billing codes, library documents, advanced notification options, fax traffic tracking, plus more
  • Supports Single Sign On and badge swipe (if equipped)
  • Full auditability of fax traffic by user
  • RightFax has developed unique connectors with various models for
  • Integrated connectors are available through OpenText Professional Services for
    • Lexmark
    • Sharp
    • Fuji-Xerox
  • Third party connectors are available for Canon MFPs. Contact your Canon Sales Representative or Canon Authorized Reseller for more information.