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RightFax to Email

Get rid of fax machines and fax from email

How long does it take you to send an email with an attachment? You can do the same with fax from that same email application. It is sent from within any email application, AS A FAX, to any fax machine around the world. And it’s transmitted without the risk of hackers, viruses, or malicious spyware. Faxes are sent from email securely and quickly, and you only have to literally lift a finger.

In today’s tech-savvy business world, faxing doesn’t often come up as cutting-edge technology. But we think it should.

RightFax makes faxing by email quick and easy within tight integrations with Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes. It also works with your email in the cloud, including Google Apps, and Microsoft Office 365 or any other SMTP-based email application.

Using RightFax, you can send and receive faxing right within your email client to easily view, file, archive, and search just like any other email, making them easy to retrieve and manage weeks, months, or even years after creation.

RightFax to Email

Sending and receiving paper business documents is costly, slow, not secure, and difficult to track. People spend hours shuffling to and from printers and fax machines, waiting in line, retrying, and filing send confirmations.

How it Works

From the point of view of the user (you), it behaves exactly like a regular email transaction. All the "magic" happens behind the scenes using RightFax cutting-edge fax technology. Using RightFax to fax by email will not require you to learn new information or retrain your workforce. Sending a fax is as easy as sending an email.

With RightFax, emails become faxes, giving you all the benefits of fax including security, audit trail, and proof of delivery. Fax and email are unquestionably two of the most effective tools ever developed for exchanging information, and now you can use them together to fax right from the desktop, eliminating fax machines altogether.

Microsoft Exchange

The RightFax Connector for Microsoft Exchange will turn your documents into faxes at the click of a single button built into the toolbar you already use. You don't have to format the address line in your message, just press the fax button.

IBM Notes

The RightFax Connector for IBM Notes lets you choose from one of three levels of integration to suit your fax needs and your IT policies. Like every other RightFax email integration, the IBM Notes integration can be fully customized by company, by use, and by individual fax. RightFax can handle the volumes and mail accounts of even the largest Notes shops.