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What’s New in the Latest Release of RightFax?

The latest release of OpenText RightFax, RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 4, is full of new features, functionality and add-on-modules designed to simplify environments, add new visibility to traffic and improve the administrative and user experience.

Key release highlights include:

  • Web-based user client - RightFax FaxUtil Web is designed to provide a full-featured, web-based user experience that offers all the full functionality of RightFax FaxUtil as a thin client, eliminating the administrative burden of managing a Windows-based RightFax user client.
  • OpenText RightFax Archive - RightFax Archive is an add-on module to RightFax installations that provides an integrated archiving tool allowing administrators to maintain their fax content within the RightFax system, without degrading the performance of RightFax or using third party or separate archiving tools.
  • OpenText RightFax Secure FoIP channels - When utilizing Fax over IP (FoIP), RightFax Secure FoIP channels secure and encrypt fax traffic within the firewall. This new channel option introduces support for TLS over SIP, where TLS provides endpoint authentication by using mutual or two-way authentication on a hop-by-hop basis
  • RightFax eBusiness License - This release introduces new functionality that allows organizations to privately share their server capacity with other business entities and affiliates through “Exclusive Groups” available with the RightFax eBusiness License. The RightFax eBusiness License allows organizations to provide fax services with included privacy for an unlimited number of affiliate business partners.
  • RightFax Capture - Automate business processes with a new integration between RightFax and capture technology. OpenText™ Cloud Capture now integrates with a RightFax server to receive inbound faxes and apply optical character recognition to the fax’s content to extract data and convert faxed content into data for back-end systems, or route based on bar code data.
  • RightFax Analytics improvements - RightFax Analytics now includes a year’s worth of data for tracking metrics with a visual representation of performance. It also includes the channel utilization for both sending and receiving to help track available capacity and avoid bottlenecks.
  • Plus so much more!

Compare RightFax server version capabilities and available add-on solutions

 Compare RightFax server version capabilities and available add-on solutions

Here at OpenText, we’re hyper-focused on enabling the digital world and creating a better way for you to leverage information across your entire ecosystem of customers, partners, and stakeholders.

The Future of RightFax: Continuous Innovation

OpenText is resolute in our vision and commitment to the long term future of RightFax, Fax2Mail, and our entire portfolio of on-premises, cloud and hybrid fax solutions. Our most recent release, RightFax 16 Enhancement Pack 4, debuted in July 2018 with new product enhancements and innovations and the next release, scheduled for April 2019, will feature even more exciting capabilities.

With product experts focused on the pulse of the market and the needs of our customers, the RightFax roadmap is judiciously planned to optimize the reliability, reach, and cost efficiency of secure information exchange. As a market leader in fax solutions with hundreds of fax-focused team members, OpenText is in constant development of new and impactful product innovations and enhancements.