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Customer Communications Management (CCM) Software OpenText xPression

Automates the generation of highly customized and personalized multichannel customer communications. With xPression, you can replace multiple document generation systems to reduce costs, streamline processes, and improve customer experience

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xPression Software overview

Organizations operate under tremendous competitive pressures to improve the customer experience while cutting costs and increasing efficiency. OpenText xPression Enterprise Edition helps companies face these challenges with a multichannel platform to quickly produce highly personalized and cost-effective customer communications on demand, interactively, and in high-volume batch for delivery via print, e-mail, web, and mobile text messaging.

xPression provides organizations with the ability to build profitable relationships by generating multichannel communications based on each customer’s preference, while it ensures the use of consistent, relevant, and approved content by combining variable data with digital assets through powerful document assembly logic. Leveraging familiar authoring tools from Microsoft and Adobe, xPression generates communications in a variety of ways to best suit the varying business situations such as high-volume batch printing, responding to real time requests, and generating communications as part of the organization’s business process management infrastructure.

Built on a service-oriented architecture, xPression generates a wide variety of customer communications including correspondence, proposals, contracts, policies, statements, and marketing materials from a single robust system.

Intelligent Multichannel Customer Communications

  • Highly Flexible

    Consolidate multiple single purpose and disparate systems onto a single flexible platform for all types of vital business communications.

  • Unparalleled Performance

    Automate the generation of millions of documents per hour, while supporting thousands of concurrent users, to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure accuracy.

  • Interactive editing

    Leverage web-based, controlled editing for fast, personalized, one-to-one communications.

  • Multiple Use Cases

    Leverage familiar tools from Microsoft and Adobe to generate personalized and customized correspondence, contracts, statements, and marketing materials on-demand, interactively, and in high-volume batch.

  • Industry Standards

    Use industry standards such as Java, XML and Web Services to integrate with various operating systems, application servers, databases, and other existing enterprise systems.

xPression Enterprise Edition

Learn more about how OpenText xPression Enterprise Edition creates highly customized multichannel
customer communications.

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