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OpenText Axcelerate Investigation

Drive effective early case assessment and analysis

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OpenText Axcelerate Investigation overview

With an increase in regulation, ESI types and data volumes, data privacy mandates and security threats, the magnitude and urgency of legal matters is rising. Efficiently assessing data and finding the information that will tell the story quickly yet comprehensively is critical. OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Investigation, a purpose-built data investigation platform, combines data collection and processing capabilities with full text indexing, stackable metadata filters and powerful analytics to help teams find the facts for rapid insight and action.

Why use analytics for early insight into data?

Data analytics empower legal teams to quickly explore data sets of any size in order to find facts, assess risks, weigh the strengths and weaknesses of a matter, conduct early case assessment, make strategic decisions, and take action.

The best early case assessment tools offer advanced data analytics to surface critical facts and underlying patterns with maximum efficiency and accuracy.

OpenText Axcelerate Investigation features

  • Concept analysis

    Groups documents based on the contextual meaning of associated common phrases to get context beyond keywords and code names.

  • Phrase analysis

    Allows users to include or exclude two to four-word phrases across the dataset to search with precision and breadth and discover terms that may otherwise be missed.

  • Sentiment analysis

    Categorizes documents by positive, negative or neutral sentiments to offer a faster and deeper understanding of data.

  • Hypergraph communications map

    Analyzes parties, domains, activity levels and timeframes around all communications of interest while visualizing email and chat connections.

  • Entity identification

    Automatically surfaces the names of people, places and organizations with integrated detection tools to achieve additional layers of insight for communications analysis and investigations.

  • Integrated upload for review and production

    Offers easy upload of data directly from Axcelerate Investigation to Axcelerate Review & Analysis when full review and production is needed, on-premises or in the cloud.

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OpenText Axcelerate Investigation benefits

  • Efficiently collect data

    Seamlessly crawl and collect data wherever it resides, from ECM systems to cloud repositories, with a wide range of data source connectors.

  • Find additional witnesses and custodians

    Get a clear picture of who is communicating with whom and about whom they are talking to identify all parties and ensure evidence is not overlooked.

  • Gain early insight for strategic advantage

    Use advanced analytics to identify key documents and fact patterns, assess risks and strengths and make decisions with confidence.

  • Act swiftly and decisively

    Quickly assess the facts, evidence and implications of activities or conduct being investigated to take swift and decisive action.

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